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Tech News Site

26 Mar

Once a week, the news is Gauranteed to be updated.

If anyone wants to join the site and do news as they see it happen. or be the first to submit tech news there

TruXter Tech News

So Increase your internet Presence.

Or heck just go there to read the latest Tech News.

I have a blast doing this, and I have a pretty suprising method of gathering news before most people.

So if you have tech news, gaming news, computer news, anything you feel is tech news  Submit it and write.

I will probably get the news up there before you do.


Back From Bootcamp

16 Mar

The Neighbor’s son just came back from bootcamp.

Their family owns a fire alarm company in houston HiTech Integrated solutions.

The family is great, they are such nice people. I swear every year i see them at some convention with arbor day, or feed the children. From what i understand they have some guy there that runs a child outreach foundation. I was once asked to build a wwebsite for the guy. I didn’t want that big of a task. So I offered tips.

Well the son is back from bootcamp, he and his wife dissapeared so far for 4 days straight. i hope he doesn’t lay around and get fat. LOL. They really need each other. Beautifull couple.

Well none the less, I hope them the best.

No Blog stats ?

11 Mar is not showing stats anymore. I see hits to the pages on my site, but it does not show in my stats. .. the api key thing does not seem to be any help.

yes it is a wordpress blog.