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Offer I can’t refuse.

26 Sep

Got offered  $50 an hour to maintain a website. I do not like the lay out, I do not like … well actually a few things about it, but I will build it and work on it better than most and make my money.

Will keep ya posted.


Working on job searcher

25 Sep

On the site “”   I am working on a job searcher that brings you wnat you need and or want. for now it has small advertisers in a job search related area. they might actually help you.

maybe not.

bu I am pushing for making it easier to have your resume actually read by people submitting job postings. Nothing in job searching has pissed me off more than the fact that the past 6 years my resume has been on career builder, I have been the only person to have read it.

Family guy on all channels

24 Sep

I swear, it seems no matter what channel I change the tv to, it’s fricken family guy.

I am an adult and I have been through the simpsons phase the beavis and butthead phase and southpark phase.

I am sick of cartoons with shock value humor. The show was canceled for a reason . but the 2ooo-20000 thousand that want it on television seem to throw tantrums and get that piece of crap on, nick at night , tbs, cwb I swear the stupid show is on all damn day. It’s almost as bad as how friends and sex and the city and will and grace used to be. I swear those three crippled the i.q. of millions by hogging tv and leaving you nothing to chose and or select from…. kinda funny how all three had the same finale`, one got married, one had a baby, one was gonna go to paris and decided not to… subliminal paterns? lol..

please people grow an i.q. and watch something else…. quit recycling stupid shit!

Upgraded my toolbar

21 Sep

I just updated the tools to my tool bar. If you are one of the guy/gals that installed the browser addon (firefox and explorer compatable)  you can just click the triangle next to the “TruXter” logo on the far left and just click on “upgrade” .. the upgrade is totally free,,, lol who ever heard of paying for a damn toolbar? well anyway, if you click upgrade it will take you to the latest version, thanks for the imput on what you guys want, keep it coming.

I will keep updating it for you all. Tell me what you think of the pop up blocker (do people still get popups?). The radio has a buttload of stations, I am working on putting the stations in order but they are still accessible.

please enjoy and keep the feedback coming. This is FUN!

Liberty city stories for pc

19 Sep

I have been chasing down rumors of grand theft auto liberty stories and vice city stories. I have found a Forum and an online petition to get it brought to us. I have come across many places  where people tantrum in forums and stuff but Have found no lead or clue.

I do not understand this, People have converted many versions of grand theft auto to computer from ps2 version. But yet no one has even tried to convert liberty city stories or vice city stories. The best I have seen was something I did myself, I re-skinned gtaIII with liberty city stories. Basicly i added the vehicles and change the attributes of the buildings to reflec the stories buildings. I did the same with vice city stories. But still there are no missions, and it kinda messes you up when you play gtaIII missions with liberty city stories crap there, because the garbage cans in front of the garage and a few other issues like the buildings you can not enter and you can’t get all of the packages because there is a building where buildings did not used to be.. in the mafia area..

If anyone has any links to something close to what i have mentioned, hit me up, if it is a private whisper and you do not want it public tell me. If you want it public tell me, I will make it public.. so if you have a way of playing it on pc, let me know. I already have all gta games current just two games have not made it to pc and I want them… any means necessary.

I would love to see this changed.

TruXter Tool Bar

15 Sep

TruXter Tool Bar

I have personally installed it myself and I do use the tool bar . It is safe and quite usefull, you can customize it yourself by adding “gadgets” and tweakingf your feed reader.

I think it is neat and it sure seems clean, I reduced all of the addon crap that comes with toolbars and just made shortcuts to stuff I like and added a media player. Any radio station suggestions will be conncidered, if that station has a live stream, then yes I will add it also.
The Tool Bar..

The gadgets are pretty cool, even on linux they work great. The wiki gadget is usefull, and the rss feed reader gadget, that was pretty damn cool seeing shortcuts to my feeds just floating there.

Yes you can completely customize yours… Completely! If anyone builds one themselves and I install it and like it, I will post it on my blog and on my front page of my tech section on y website if wanted.. unless you build your own for private reasons… but why the hell not share?

oh and if anyone needs pownce invites , I still have mine. and I dunno if joost is still invite only, but I can invite if you need it.

looky it’s got gadgets 🙂
screen shot of selections after install

Revamped my site

14 Sep

I fixed my start page so you can actually read the links.. I whent with a simple black and white  page.

I will be revering the solors pretty soon though. i want white text on black back. but for right now, this will do.

the  Home page was a little clumped.

I am going to work on content and other crap on that page and chunk all the links to the left. I am kinda comfortable like that .

the whole template and css thing I tried out. ruined a whole lot for me and killed my google capabilities. plus it was hard as hell to get my links in order unless i did every single page i have . just like that … right now I have jack squat for focus and well over 100 pages… not gonna happen.

Hopefully you like what I have, it’s a logical stand on web 1.0 😛