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What can you expect from google adsense?

30 Apr

Well for ever I was hoping I could create a website that would make good usage of google adsense.

Well I finally did, and now that I see what the traffic gets me, I had to screen shot it and let you guys see for yourself.

Funny thing is, just saturday, I saw 100 ad clicks, and made only 26 cents from it.

If it is such a hit and miss like it really is, then why do they not tell you this? There are tons of advertising sites out there there that can accommodate us in what we do.


Clown sends goofy threat email

26 Apr

My friend forwarded this funny assed email he received from his girlfriends ex-boyfriend.

The clown made threats of sending a virus to mu buddy. Sad thing is, this guy is big fat baby hewy. One of those guys that walk around calling people “dawg” and other little wanna be gangster crap because they lack anything that is actually intimidating. You know the baby fat guys with meaty foreheads.

here is the email.

——-Original Message——-
From: billy ogg
Date: 4/25/2008 9:17:40 PM
To: cchuko
Subject: whats up

well i told u i would get ur e-mail adreess dont fuck with me if u dont want the drama with me and angel leave her the fuck alone she is my bitch she dont want u she loves me if u dont quit emailing vicky i send so many viruses it will blow ur computer up


My buddy couldn’t get the email from him to add him to spam lists and what ever.So the most I can do is link you to this dumbassed letter and let you laugh at it also.. E-gangster make me laugh.

Live Feed to GTA IV Gameplay

25 Apr

Some dude just farts around with the game. Looks like he has the game and is playing it.

Maybe he’s a beta tester?

Maybe he’s the son of someone big?

Could be a pirate – I do not know – but here is the feed.

But from the rag doll effects and how the assaulted ball up and gets knocked out and how they knock out when falling from short heights, or how the driver’s door flings open during front end impact and the driver squirts out… HOLY CRAP!

Get your PlayStation 3s now, get your Xbox 360 cooled, and I mean way cooled because this game is gonna stress it.

Looks funner than any other GTA I have ever seen. So clear and the city is so huge.

The motorcycle sounded kinda electronic; maybe it was because it was in a flash feed. I dunno.

But man, that guy just crumples when he wrecks – nowhere near the identical flips and rolls from the predecessors.

This game is GTA all over again. Very well done.

I see Jack breaking all laws to try and sue for this

Up To The Minute GTAIV News

25 Apr

I Scroll the web in search of the best news content and latest news content on Grand Theft Auto IV.

and post it on

I will be working with it for as long as I can.

After some time, expect to find a ‘GtaIV for pc’    petition  .

I know no one looks at those, but it would be nice to let everyone know how many people really care and the reports that say no one plays pc games anymore, are false.

So grand theft auto news is  in hopes of a pc version is my goal, meanwhile I will look for  cool stuff. I have found some, so give it a look -P

So If you like it, give me a shout!

No gtaIv on pc . for sure

11 Apr

confirmed, rockstar and take two do not want to get sued again.

Jack Thompson won.

How to have a healthy baby

8 Apr

Ok so you and your other are  all over the house trying all different ways to create a baby. Nothing seems to be working, or it just is not happening fast enough. Don’t worry, it is happening as it should.

There are tons of people and stories and legends that tell a woman to stand on her head or roll an egg around on belly while in mid conception. The worst one of all that you can try, is to leave the (for the lack of better words) deposit,,,, inside of you . Some add to the idea by saying rest your bottom on a pillow so that the fluid runs upward to more easily fertilize the egg.  These are all bad ideas or just plain false up front.

Laying a chicken’s egg on your stomach, though it does make you both be very gentle and distract you from what ever stress you have in your head, it does nothing for you. Standing on your head, Kind of goes with the next one, except an extreme myth. Leaving the fluids inside you is not a very wise idea. Remember you are doing that so you can “ensure pregnancy” , Think about it. It is like you are saying that you are willing to get pregnant no matter what. When it comes to male productive fluids, it is survival of the fittest. The fastest, the strongest, the wittiest, the one with the highest level of senses finds it’s way to the egg and gets in, If he does not get in, then you surely do not want the rejects to get in.

You will surely have a baby that was not meant to be, if you lay there and let the tadpole fall onto the egg. You have a ten minute max to allow it to happen, anything after that you really do not want.

Laying around letting the chemicals dry up inside you is not a very clean method to create a baby, you might also want to think of a healthier method for your baby creation.