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University of Texas Simkins Issue

24 Jun

People are throwing fits about the schools name that it needs to be changed.

Let’s look at a couple things we need to consider. This is history. Not white, not brown, not yellow, not black history, just history. You can not change history to be suitable for your feelings. The facts have to stay or we lose history.

Now with that out of the way. Let’s put something else in the way.

There are two things to think about and make you reconsider your thoughts.

1. the man did something that a person who is building a school would think is honorable and worthy of naming a school after. That could have been simkin’s last hurrah. He could have promised to show regret and sacrifice something to help the future and better the future.


2. The guy that named the school was aware of the racist stuff that simkin did. (make what you want of that statement).

We look at history and we see all of these huge civilizations with hundreds of building and tombs ransacked and destroyed by civilizations who move in on top of them. They have no sense to preserve for further study, no sense to preserve for the stories we tell our grand children. If you destroy proof of oppression, you destroy proof of suffering. If you destroy the facts that there where people who were against your race, you destroy the proof that your race achieved anything.

With the way that construction goes and way time moves and people shuffle things around, we really do not know if there ever was anything we hear about in mythology, or assumed mythology. Wee have no proof of evolution that seals the deal. We have no idea if we know where Jesus’ tomb is/was or any other religion’s main guy. Not saying any are more real or less real than the others. we just have no way to tell the scientists ” HA! LOOK RETARD THERE IT IS” . Why? because one religion rules for a while and destroys everything useless to them, and then the next religion comes along.

You have to preserve history. Yours,theirs, mine,and the one we all share.

See we have no idea if Simkin was undercover or just a straight up sicko, or some submissive dude who was pushed into the places he was. Why? because that information is not available. quit saying it is racist to preserve this stuff, it’s ignorant to not preserve proof.


Music Notice and News

17 Jun

Musicians Have forever been out to hear people show appreciation for their work and effort. I mean we have. You don’t just do an awesome job at work because your radiate awesomeness. So here is a site to find news about popular bands and an occasional heads up about new unsigned bands. Music News and unsigned bands.

If you know of a place that has content to listen to from unsigned bands, would be cool to leave a heads up.

If you want music news and want to hear random good bands, subscribe to the rss feed.

It is hard to locate a good band. There are so many bands out there and so many genres. And you can’t forget that only about 5% of the bands are worth listening to. Sometimes the music is spot on and teh signer sounds like a stand in random bum. Sometimes it’s an amazing singer with  some sound machine music in a box  garbage.

So if you know of a good unsigned band leave a link to content worth listening to.

Tech News Site

26 Mar

Once a week, the news is Gauranteed to be updated.

If anyone wants to join the site and do news as they see it happen. or be the first to submit tech news there

TruXter Tech News

So Increase your internet Presence.

Or heck just go there to read the latest Tech News.

I have a blast doing this, and I have a pretty suprising method of gathering news before most people.

So if you have tech news, gaming news, computer news, anything you feel is tech news  Submit it and write.

I will probably get the news up there before you do.

No Blog stats ?

11 Mar

http://truxtertech.com/news is not showing stats anymore. I see hits to the pages on my site, but it does not show in my stats. .. the api key thing does not seem to be any help.

yes it is a wordpress blog.

a New tech news blog

6 Jul

I decided not to use lockergnome as much anymore, since it seems they may have left out a code or two for me and I haven’t been getting any page impressions through google. That is atleast for the last two months or so.

So I decided to take the matter into my own hands and create something for myself.

I am using the wordpress template and making best of my work and efforts in getting people news.


So if you want to see what motherboard is coming, where to locate software that is in beta or just plain news about tech and ceos , come on in, I have it all.