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GTA CLans Forum

31 Aug

A site dedicated to GTA clans

Brand new just whent up today  sunday august 31st 2008

created so you have a place to claim your clan, to challenge other clans, recruite to your clan

post screen shots and videos of yourself fighting /battling other clans.

If you have that video of one last guy on your team  smoking the hell out of 10 guys on the oposing team..

post that video at  show that you have the best clan in gta online.

people in mta, come one it’s your place too, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here

gta sa-mp yeah you helped … some so come on,

Make your challenges tell us where to meet you what server what name and or password.  Man you can’t battle a challenge without a challenge.


Animal Cops Animal Planet

27 Aug

You , I have been watching that show. And I swear it rips me up. My cat should love that show. Cuz Each time I watch it, I feed him really huge in treats and check up on his litter box.

There is one thing about that show that I do not like. Everytime a dog goes to the vet with an injured paw “We will have to amputate it” . I mean it they just lob them paws off left and right (pun). Is it out of cost? Is it because it’s easier? is it because the state pays the doctor more for such a proceedure ?  Is it a combonation? They tend to just say ” It would be best”  does that mean  that it would be best easy high income that ends fast?

It’s great that they show the people who really care, the guys making the least amount of money , the guys in the field clearly care . They really get choked up. They act as if they really want to help the animals.

Nvision 08 , will it say any news?

25 Aug

Nvidia people everywhere and I just cant get one to tell me wether they are on mafia ii

Saints row, gtaiv

I just want them to tell me ” the way it’s meant to be played”

would give me some specs , we might not have  expected.

From TruXterTech.Com/News

Ok, spamming my sites. I need your help.

11 Aug

I have been very busy with my social sites.
I will index them all in google and yahoo very soon. When I am done after I get a few people on each of them and get a few complaints and requests so
I can tweak the site. The launches will all be at the same time. So yeah I will get very drunk and and celebrate my efforts on that day.
Thanks to those who have helped and believed in my efforts and knew that I could do this.
I will take  two shots for each of ya.

This is what I have been wasting my time with.



I am sure atleast one pertains to your interests in some shape or fashion.

Do me favor, Sign up to one and make a post for me.
I need to see how well the sites handle stuff before I go full
release with this stuff.  Also let me know what you think and what you
might want to suggest.

Updated Short cut tool bar

10 Aug

I added more podcasts, and more radio stations to the


also cleaned up the functionality of it.

If you want a specific music genre let me know. Hit me here and I will add it.

You can add the ones you already have links to.

you can add your own podcasts now. also look in the area that says “local” it will gather local radio stations for you and hook you up with new music and news stations..

The text feeds are really getting bloated , I will cut that down with the next update I do. It really does not effect anyone with there being aa bunch, just to me it looks  like allot.

It will be a week before I put another out though. I have a ton of site work to do.

Gl Hf

Updated musicians social

8 Aug

Ok those who knows me know that I am always trying to get involved in stuff I love, So I put up a site for musicians to get their music heard.
Well I just updated a messload of features. I give musicians their own rss feeds to let listeners hear the latest media from them.
profiles, blogs,forums.
Everyone gets the same stuff.
So dj,rap group,boyband,metal band,country singer.. guitarist looking for a band, tuba player . What ever you are, come on in and sign up, it’s a free place to upload your media and let people listen to your music. Embed your videos , blah blah.. 😛