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Now I sell the psp

27 Jun

That part of tech I thought I wouldn’t ever let go of.

I’m letting it go

and the games that brought me to the machine

yeah I know,  posting it on my forums is  not helping me,but  hey it’s where you can talk to me about and I could give you more info if needed.

but I am selling the playstation portable,  grand theft auto gta liberty city stories and vice city stories, and a case and a wipe rag and few other things.

all works good.  take a look


GTAIv on pc news

22 Jun

From the first Gta Gameup untill the making of the “stories” games, Grand Theft Auto has been played on the computer. Of course along side of Consoles.

there are tons of misslead posts and fake youtube videos that show people playing the game. In most cases you can see the human clicking wrong to open doors, and his navigation is wrong, oir the head tilts without the free mouse roam a pc can give you. So it’s clear the posts are missleading.

There is a forum that is created with hopes of gtaIv coming to pc, heck it even shows hope for liberty and vice city stories coming to pc. It even has a moddifications section already waiting. HERE is where everyone goes to just read, and occassionally post theories/hopes/finds/facts so others can help in the research of this/these game(s) coming to pc.

From the looks of things, if we can see anything, it will not be till April 09

I’m losing weight, My way

4 Jun

and this stuff is actually working
I mean so far so good
I have results in a week and it so far
has cost me only six bucks.
for cheap weights at target.
This is where I post my work out.
After a week of working out I see a difference.
i think it’s going good. Not sure If I am losing much weight but I see I am toning up.
i am doing something weird though.
I am taking a picture each week.
My goal is not to get all body builder.
just not to jiggle when I walk.

Both photos where taken right after work out.
Give it, the first picture was after a lesser work out. I still felt crappier
Than what I did in the second photo.