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People who watch Football

26 Oct

Mindless brainwashed idiots who soak up hours and hours of endless advertisement..For a sport that makes them fall asleep. Don’t lie.

Wives if your husband falls asleep watching football, post the picture here and let’s settle this now.

Ok back to the guys.  You are idiots. that game is as stupid as.. well it was created in the early nineteen hundreds. Does that not tell you it’s a stupid sport? It’s fricken hopscotch for fat men in tights. Get off the couch and have fun with your kids you fat worthless bastard.

Somewhere in your house is a wife getting fat ugly and more and more depressed because she realizes she is trapped in a relationship with a moron. There is nothing you do on that couch watching football that is even remotely close to interesting. If you can remember every play of every superbowl, you are a big fat bundle of useless knowledge (actually there is nothing knowledgeable about  ‘me throw ball you catch ball you run’)

Anyone who claims to be superior, or their blood line is Superior in football.. I have to say , cool. Nice  to know.  ME MAKE THROW, ME THROW ROCK MAKE DINNER WITH DINOSAUR BEEF. Evolve shithead, or die.You might want to look around you and see the world has evolved right under your gene pool and is about to obsolete your sloping forehead.

Hell we have evolved so much the world has gone to Mixed Martial arts. Everyone is learning it, everyone is going to school for it Everyone. Ok to that I have to say that I am happy you guys are doing something new. Cool really it is cool. But really, do you have to roll around on the floor in your underwear?

Next time you are watching some football game, or some “ooh I’m gonna be a karate champ”  mixed martial arts or midget wrestling bullshit, remember there is someone out therer that will make your old lady happy and keep her from being a fat depressed slob of neglect. Get the off that couch , she loves you and has no idea how to make you see that you are wasting what you both have a limited suply of. The rest of your useless  life.


More Babble Screwing Up Women

26 Oct

Checking my hotmail email today I see an ad to read some story titled “take him back or dump him“.

For one thing, it over hypes women. It makes it seem that every man has this whimpering  needing to be cuddly  looking for a dominatrix woman child inside him. look ladies, your man messed around on you because, well simply because he is sure you are not the best he can get. Maybe you look the best , but your personality just plain sucks. Or just the opposite.  I am sorry but if he did not design you, then well, you aint perfect lady.

The whole idea that a woman should make a man grovel, is complete bulls__t. Yes we all know that you have  coochy power. So do a million other women out there. Before you wave the mighty scepter of shaky stench, remember this world can accommodate. For every lonely man, there is another woman out there willing to try and change him. On that note, you really need to drop the whole “change a man” stuff. be yourself and if he is not who you want, then he never will be. Most that will come of it is your “standards” will be lowered. You will find yourself doing stuff and saying you life , that you hate. You will find yourself on the phone with that one guy you know you should have fallen in love with, pouring your life story out, while sitting at home with your 6 children and the husband is out god knows where.  Or you will succeed in changing the man and make him more caring than he normally is and you will realize ” this dude is a pud’ because you made him that way. He did what you want, he does what you want, and now you do not like that.

I have watched quite a few relationships shatter due to stupidity. Biggest stupid thing to ruin a relationship is thinking you are going to get away with something. The whole thought that you may have that men are stupid and need to be changed is where you screw up your relationships. Just let the guy be himself, if he is not for you , move now and move to the next one, does not make you a whore it makes you wise.  You will live a whole lot happier life that way. If you cross paths with a guy that is closer to what you want, you will be happier that way.

Don’t dress your man. Don’t pick out his hair cut or his cloths. It would piss you off if he started picking that stuff out for you.

Take him back or dump him? Depends. Did you mess around also? Did it cross your mind to do so? Can you forgive him for having the same idea as you and coming back to you just like you came back to him because you both had flings with crappy ones so you have to face the fact that you both are the best either can do ?

Or did you both just jump out hoping to get knocked up or knock up someone, as a last ditch effort to get out of this stupid relationship you both know is going to  ruin the rest of your lives? Let’s believe that is a retarded idea, because you are now forever bonded to that total stranger last ditch effort. Or you will settle into your current with some stranger being the parent of a baby, and the husband not knowing.

Love what you get, get what you love be truthful, be kind.

Truth about America’s Next top Model.

16 Oct

A bunch of very nice looking ladies who are trying to win a contest of being beautiful and interesting to look at.

Simple fact.

But they are lead by a woman who really isn’t that pretty anymore, being instructed on how to look prettier and more “Beautiful model like” by hand full of ugly gay dudes who dress in gaudy cloths and act like total flames.

I am sure the ladies on this show who are in the contest would assure you that you are right and listen to all instructions, even if they where being told to follow the instructions of a fat football watching couch potato with mustard stains and mystery stains all over their clothes and couch.

The show repulses me. It has nothing to do with sexual preference of the gay guys other than they have no idea what it’s like to be a beautiful model, heck they don’t even have enough interest in women to even have a valid opinion.

See they get this rude holier than thou ego trip and make these very nice polite ladies feel like scum because these guys tell them they are scum (in ways). If it was not for the fact that the ladies have to listen to these clowns because their future is at stake, these  tacky haired nappy clothed weirdos would just be ego tripping themselves.

Yes Tyra hand picked them. Why? I have no clue. These guys have these ladies looking like retards to win a contest. In the end, the ugly woman from the beginning gets made up really pretty for all events and takes the best pictures, and wins. Simple show. Simply rigged for the under dog (lol pun) .

They need to use better models who made bugger impressions than that B class Tyra and remove the out fielder circus clowns and put in people who know what they are doing so real women can win that contest.

Otherwise, the show is a sham.

Voting for change.

12 Oct

So… Exactly what is going to change?

Seth Petruzelli Fluke Win Against Kimbo Slice

6 Oct

Here is the fight

At the end of the fight, the announcer says that Kimbo is fighting the reff. No he was not. Watch closely. If he was then the reff would have been more handsy. Saying this made it seem like Kimbo was more disoriented than he really was. His amazement was that the fight was already over.

The Shot

There is no “Magical Kick” that knocked the wind out of him. What everyone calls a kick, is Seth’s leg and foot in the air trying to put something between him and Kimbo. I don’t care what form of fighting you call that. The annaouncer makes it clear that Seth is a kung fu student. The ground foot is wide open for a stomp and a push down. The punch traveled 6 inches. Unless this is Bruce Lee’s Myth coming true. It did not knock him out. The punch landed on the nose and mouth of Kimbo. Not his left eye. The 6 inch punch happened while Seth was air born and moving backwards. Watch his footing as the punch lands. He had no foot on the ground, and was moving back away from Kimbo. At most that was a 7 lbs limp hit.

Kimbo taking four solid punches twice as hard

Watch the video 39 seconds into it he tells the dude to punch him. I posted that to make the puds who claim glass jaw, STFU!

Kimbo was not knocked out. he was hit the same time he lost footing. the guy hits kimbo on the right side of his face and body about 10 or so time. But kimbos left eye brow is busted. How is this? He fell on the floor. Kimbo did not cover, because the punches did not hurt. It’s that damn simple.

I am sorry to ruin the whole great white hype of the Mixed Martial Arts. But Kimbo is a whole other machine.

If he didn’t throw this match. Then when the rematch comes around and kimbo makes due on his loss. Some of you lil tweaker punks are gonna scurry or become kimbo fans. I am sorry but that was a total fluke fight.

He isn’t there to roll around on the floor with you in your underwear, he is there to break your head. Grappling is a last resort. It has become to much of a common thing. These clowns choke out 7 outa 10 fights now days. How? Well back in the old day they would smash your face if you got close enough, then grapple when they got tired, well a few won that way. So now everyone thinks it’s the way to win… no it’s what you do when you are tired.

If there is no rematch, Kimbo Sold out.


Rematch in Talks