Not-So-Free Checking Account (wamu)

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I signed up to Washington mutual after a friend of mine suggested I give the online regestration a try. I was really impressed with how easy it was to set up my account. My friend did not have a current back account for some reason or another so he had to go to a wamu in person and do his first deposit in person. I on the other hand have an account at another bank and it was a snap to use routing numbers blah blah yadda, and transfer funds to the wamu account. If I would have used a credit card, the least I could have transfered would have been $50. Since this is something I am “trying out” I do not want to flop around fifty freakin bucks. Ya know? really that is no issue at all, I completely (almost) understand .

So I go to my local Washington mutual and swing by to set up my atm card and deposit a little bit of money into my checking account, I did have a couple bills to pay and they where kinda on my way so I was going to just make a few rounds and get some stuff done. I handed the little blinky eyed dude my check and he suddenly bloated up on my and before I could say how much I wanted deposited and how much cash I needed he informed me they would be hanging on to my check for a week to verify that it is a legit check. I tell him and assure him that it is not a personal and point the difference… lol that ticked him off. 😛

Well after a little bit of huffing we decided it would be in my best interest if I just went to my current bank and cash my check there and come back to wamu deposit what ever I want to, in cash. Ok he decided he was not going to help me and I suggested that I come back with cash for his ghetto bank.

What ever.

So that is what I did. I put a little in the free online checking and a little in the free online savings.

Now we all have seen teh commercials with a skinny dude and the butt load of snotty bankers who want to charge atm fees and check fees and all of that, right ?

Well now the story gets really good. I decide to go a month or so and not touch that account I was already ticked off pretty good. Before I leave work one I look into my account information at an atm… Just a balance inquiry, not a withdrawal. Should be no fees if there are NO atm fees. . hmmm $2 less than what I put into my account, why is this like this on my statement ?

I go home and check my balance and low and behold, Tadda, Washington mutual charged me for a balance inquiry. How do I know this? well I use that same atm who is through citibank, and not through my other bank, well I have used that atm for years on my other bank never a fee for just a balance inquiry, hell one of my friends from work uses wells Fargo and is never charged a fee. So I call Washington Mutual and see what the deal was, I call my wamu . The guy on the other end informs me he is not capable of helping me and that I need to call the help desk for the online. ok I call the 1800 or 188 number. after going through this endless circle of pressing one for english and two to speak to a human and getting forced into a f.a.q. section repeatedly I finally talk to a human, the lady on the other end tells me that it was the atm carrier that charged the fee.. nfw! I explain to her that I do and did my research before I do and did anything.. Ever. and she responds with ” you must be wrong” So I ask her for email address so I can send her a copy of my bank statement from the other bank. She told me that would not be necessary and I asked her “with that kind of response you do not care how right or wrong you might be, you are just certain that you are correct because you are saying what you are supposed to”. lol, she flipped out. I asked her if she was supposed to go ” all robot with pride” on me lol and she responded with “you’re an idiot’ and hung up on me. Ok maybe that was overboard of me but I was frustrated with their whole set up.

I call my buddy back and begin to tell him about the way I got charge an inquiry fee, I got all the way up to “hey man I went to check my balance” and he jumped all over the conversation with “I know man I checked mine and got charged 14.95 to look at my balance”

Now why in the blue hell did they charge him $14.95 and me $2 ?

Yes the fee carried over and is still there , yes it has been longer than a month and no they did not refund it after the statement and balance was complete. No there where no strange circumstances that would leave them a reason to penalize me or my friend for any activity. If I was supposed to do a chicken dance or bite the head off a bat or something I was not informed of this . I just know that the commercials are false and misleading.

Watch yourself on the fees.

The savings account is rocking though, I like the way you can just chunk your change in there and all is good in the world. that part is smooth and pretty. so if you get an account there , go for , may as well sign up for the savings, the interest is better than most bank’s c.d. accounts and does not penalize you for changing by withdrawal or deposits.

I have no idea how well they are with building business credit, business bank account, business checking account, business credit card , business money market. So good luck with that.

it’s kinda cool.


I did just talk to a representative and she explained that it is free checking with no atm fees….. for using atm at a wamu bank..

doesn’t every bank do that for you?

$35 for an over draft is pretty steep. I refuse to use their service ever again. Nickle and dime ya?…… nope they go straight to the 20s and 30s.




7 Responses to “Not-So-Free Checking Account (wamu)”

  1. Taraneh June 20, 2008 at 5:02 pm #

    I just got off the phone with WAMU after noticing some fees I wasn’t expecting. ATM Withdrawl fees!!! I have been with washington mutual since 2001 and they explanined to be that it was FREE checking. Purhaps I never Noticed those $2 fees before, like the rep accused me of. OR maybe they are being SHADY and ripping people off, like I accused them of! I was told that the new “free checking” feature came into play in 2006, however I never had been charged for checks, never charged for ATM withdrawls before AND specifically remember the person that helped me in 2001 saying I wouldn’t be charged any fees, “its a FREE CHECKING”. Thats what makes them different from other banks! ha!!!! Whatever!!!
    I am irritated with this bank and totally feel decieved and ROBBED!! Ok, ok, so what if I never realized the fees they say I was always charged, IF, if what they said was true about in 2006 inplimenting this new “no charge for withdrawls at other bankss, etc”, why would they not switch people over. NO!!!, they continue to charge people fees, thinking, OH yeah, they aren’t authorized to change someone’s account. Well, why would they want to anyway, they are collecting on all the fees they get with your type of checking acount which CLEARY states on it “FREE CHECKING”. Such a lie!!!!!!! I have always recommended this bank to people before. I was with antoher bank before I started banking at WAMU and thought they were so different and honest!!! And its not true!! Not believe their lies, watch your back AND your money!

  2. James June 28, 2008 at 2:01 am #

    I got a $35 Overdraft charge on a .85 Cent purchase. They slammed me with a “overdraft credit limit” that I never signed for or opted for. I went $16 over and was overdrafted $180 because they were all small purchases and I got charged $11 one time and $6 another time for viewing my balance. The Service rep I spoke with told me the bank (inside a fred meyer store) I opened my acount with charges on their ATM because even though it say Washington Mutual on it, they considered it a fred meyer ATM. I also noticed when I went to the bank at demanded this trivial overdraft credit limit of my account I began to be able to view my Current balance with the Pending transactions included. Were as when they snuck in the “credit” I saw a balance that did NOT include any pending. After this whole ordeal I am not only giving Wamu the one finger salute, I am planning on trying every corner to obtain the money snatched by them.

  3. John July 14, 2008 at 12:55 am #

    James, did they give you your money back? i am charged 600 dollars on withdrawal. I had enuff money on my savings account too. I am going to talk to them tomorrow. Do you guys have any advice… i could use them if you guys are gonna respond by tonight lol

  4. TruXter July 14, 2008 at 3:04 am #


    I left wamu.

    I was getting overdrafts left and right. at wamu.

    Now that I got myself back together after wamu ruined me. I am fine and have not had one over draft. Not one atm fee. Not one fee for checking my balance.

    Wamu is exactly the opposite of what they claim to be.
    They just word the way they do things, a little different but enough to fit , with a fast disclaimer.

    Notice the new commercial says “atm fees may apply”

    lol how is that free atm ?

    Complete trash.. They made their money off me, that’s all they care about, there are enough people on this planet, they will get another to replace me.

  5. Mike Dills July 17, 2008 at 3:52 am #

    I got to overdrawns while my car payment was pending.
    I put $20 and $30 worth of gas and had $745 in my account.
    They put a pending charge of $75 for each purchase so my account was at $595 when my $600 car payment finished pending. So it bounced. I put $100 cash in with the teller at 9 a.m. the next morning and it bounced again 3 days later. I have never gotten through to a live person and got an email that looked canned.
    Pissed off now.

  6. Henry August 6, 2008 at 1:03 am #

    does anybody know any good banks then?

  7. A O September 9, 2008 at 2:21 pm #

    I just got charged for a balance inquiry on WaMu too! I’ve been with them for 5 years and have never seen this charge, nor have I ever been charged on their end for ATM use. I hate being nickel-and-dimed. That said, their savings accounts and some of their online CDs are just head and shoulders above the rest so I’m not switching any time soon. But I WILL be avoiding non-WaMu ATMs like the plague, which is super-inconvenient.

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