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BioFuel- The one with the most study.

18 May

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Tech Forum

18 May

I just built a tech support and rumors forum with a video game and console section.
I hope you people like it.
I will be adding moderators as I see the users with morals sticking around.
I will be banning all clowns as fast as I can and as often as I can. who knows maybe I will redirect them to forums I hate 🙂

The goal is to get information and news about tech to the world. and what the hell, to hang out and talk to others like myself.
I don’t see any out there with the same stuff as what I have envisioned so I am making it myself. yes there will be a fight room. Because hey, we all do need to get it out of our systems.
But no fighting in main rooms.

There is avatar and all other options we all have been missing through the past few years as these places seem to get invisible these days.
Yes you can upload your own images to my server, I can handle a fricken lot .
bbcode welcome, html code welcome (for now)

What to do with the Economic Stimulus Check

10 May

Since I am so politically correct, I know that there is no way an American will work a labor job and everyone says it’s ok to let our country outsource its labor. I decided I will get my yard work done by a non-tax paying non-citizen. I am thinking I will get something done to my property.

I mean, why not? It’s not like there is a degree anywhere for people who want to become a certified arborist. Of course, that would be insane. I mean, why would you want to do a job like that and pay taxes on that type ob while other people, who do not pay taxes, can do it for a little bit cheaper. Sure, they won’t really be super educated in what they are doing, sure, they won’t be insured, but hey, that’s why they are cheaper.

I am thinking of getting two trees trimmed and my lawn groomed. Sure, there will be sixty of them and I will save a buck, but what the hell. Let’s stimulate the economy by shelling out the money they gave us, giving it to the people they say it’s ok to give money to because ” no American is willing to work like that” .. nah, this country wasn’t built on handed down trades and skills. We, as Americans, have always been button poking pencil pushers.

Believe it or not, there many people in this country who are born generations deep skilled in blacksmith arts and the same for many things that the fat and weak, call labor. To these people, it is the American way. They feel it an honest earning to chunk a lunch box and thermos in the back of a truck and go build stuff for the lazy and rich..

But that is no longer an option.

Online racing game

4 May

Game is free, for those of us who know how to play a game.

But really if you want more stuff you can actually buy stuff.

It starts you out in a 6 banger cavalier looking thing.

The car building/upgrading, I haven’t gotten to understand yet.

But so far the game is cool. I mean I can’t race anyone yet.

My piecer ricer is 16 second quarter mile. I see that the other

people on  the game are getting like 8-11 seconds. It’s got a nioce looking

video settings section, but really you don’t need all that. It’s fricking