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Blogging Plus adsense is good

28 Oct

I started writing for lockergnome. and did not notice the adsense set up. after I wrote like 20 posts I found the adsense set up. and instantly within ten minutes I made 8 cents. This is on the third day,by the third day I was no longer the new guy and I was no longer interesting, so if I could have set that up on the first day I probably would have raked in a whole lot more. but what the hell , all is good.
I enjoy the blogging site, It seems teh main focus there is tech and tech only, but not so strict as finding tech news right off the bat… Good because if you have twenty thousand people blogging about the same shit all day every day, then you have twenty thousand blogs that look the same and talk about the same shit.
well lockergnome is owned by chris pirillo from the show “call for help” back when it was in the united states on tech tv, it would normally be followed by the screen savers with Leo laporte and Patrick Norton and sara lane and kevin rose and his side kick dan. I got into the shows by watching robot wars at night and woke one morning with the tv still on the same channel started chatting in a chatroom on msn when I realized “hey this is techy stuff…. on tv.. oh cool” I was addicted.
well chris may pop into your blog some time and scream at you for being a weeny or having bad content so be cool with it… enjoy

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Locker Gnome Blogging

26 Oct

Currently blogging at lockergnome

They have allowed me to use my adsense account on there.To see what happens I am going to have to stop woring on this blog for a short time to test spin it. Probably going to post here every now and again like once twice maybe three times a week. I will be focussing all my traffic getting posts to the other location on lockergnome . Mainly because I just want to see what kind of revenue it generates and what I can do to influence it to increase. The idea is to see what I can do for traffic and what traffic can do for me.

Plus the free easy money just farting around is a great influence there.

I will be trying to work on my apearance and style while there. But I still refuse to read anyone else’s blog, I want my content and works to be all mine and nothing brought in by others. i will use my book,novel and story writing skills and documentary tactics. I will be working alone on this project and all people who have writing with or for me, will be on their own projects. . So the whole “stumble fuck” art of the old ways will not be found there on the new blogging location.
Please go to and check it out, maybe creat your own account.. if you have adsense and all that crap..

Please watch me grow.

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Tyler perry’s house of payne…. sucks

20 Oct

I mean it was an entire day of real good humor, I mean they had me in a trance for 8 hours a day 5 days a week for a year straight, then they come out with a new show.House of Payne. I gave that show a try.


The camera work is like that Cosby show spin off, or that show Becker with the guy from cheers. the humor .. the humor you wouldn’t even notice if it wasn’t for the drowning laughter in a can that tells you when you should laugh.. I laughed all the way through the show at how shitty it was. That lil fat bugg eyed retard telling one liner crap  jokes fall short of hearing the ba dump dump rim shot humor and some how makes me think the name “beetle juice” .

but today after having to work a whole day on july fourth I come home because I want to absorbe some king of queens (another show with laughter in a bucket, but actually funny) and low and behold “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne Marathon“.. at first I was in denial and started searching around for more channels or a chance that since Comcast came to Houston to give us our eventual screw over like they have done everyone else I was hoping by chance they where just making a tweak to the channels and I would find TBS some where else on the three digits.. along the way I started watching discovery and history channels, and realized “man i need a laugh” so I dredged on looking for TBS.

Newp.. no tbs

so I go back to 31 and there in the right corner is the tbs logo.. I turn off the tv to see if it was a burn in…. newp.. and the lil fat bastard was still walking around all retarded and shit making his audience of his mom laugh at that shit..

So now I am watching some cop crap on tnt.. great. … OH WAIT…. I HAVE JOOST!

So.. what do you think of Entourage? Second crappiest show on Television.

home made video game

18 Oct

One of the members from the grand theft auto forums has begun creating a game to tide us over till gtaIV comes out.

Here is a screen shot and discription

I think he did a good job this far. but he needs more streets and more people. even if he isn’t ready to chunk down new buildings, just the streets and the people would be pretty nice to see. Maybe more graffiti on some of the buildings that are already existing. More music to rotate through in the cheat code would be nice, more stuff on mars and more in the sewer or another sewer would be cool.slow down the peds and increase their paths.

Possibly the implementation of of greg leedberg’s udlp To Link it up and play a buddy. or a full blown online world kinda like runescape or something. .a nice head to head battle would be fun 🙂

If anyone can help in this message him I am sure he will take all the help offered if you can do the stuff, I am pretty sure it will be free… maybe he can rename the game to gtaforum-users online. or some crap

I would love to see it converted for flash within a browser.

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Ubuntu Linux my take

15 Oct

What’s the big deal?

Why is it not as simplified as Xandros? why can you not open a terminal in just any old folder? I mean open the folder and click on tools and bam there it is.. like in Xandros. I mean if it is so revolutionary and simplified , Why is it so slow?

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Practicle solution to being searched

12 Oct

Let’s say you are diving down the road. You are not and have not committed a crime. but let’s say the police get on their Radio that someone fitting your description and your car’s description was witnessed in a robbery and many items where taken from scene. So the cops (as would anyone else) decide it is best that you are pulled over. A search of your vehicle is done, and later you are hauled in for “questioning”. You are innocent and the guilty guy is later busted .. Let’s say you are out all of about 10-20 hours. Should you not be reimbursed for your time? From the moment you are asked if your car can be searched, to the moment you are putting your pants back on in that mold infested  bacteria farm. Should you not be compensated for your time and inconvenience ?

Here is what the underlying fear is to making this a good idea:

would cost the state money for  common proceedure

would eventually lead to departments getting in trouble for to many searches with no good results, costing the state plenty of useless money, so now that department has to cut back.

Jerk cops might start dropping  stuff at a location causing  innocent people to spend time locked up, to prevent that cop from getting in trouble because “he is the one with the most expense for the year”

ehhh crap… that one just killed my whole post.. sounded like a good idea at the start , but truth is…PEOPLE SUCK .  not people who happen to be cops. people can be so crooked at time that you have no idea who to trust.

any logical retort or input?

Worked on car today

11 Oct

Used the forums for resources. Had issue with new water pump being easier tha n it should have. Cold air induction was a song and dance to install.

Did check on parts

je pistons

luk clutch

02 sims

6in rods

3.73 rear

3.5 inch pipe with headers and flowmaster

Cold air

Turns out not a bad buy. Still needs new tires and oil change really soon, but workable.