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New Job !!!!!

28 Dec

Probably not the most techy news I have done here but I got a new job working for a company called “HiTech” Fire detection.

A fire alarm and sprinkler company from out in Houston area. The guys here are great and very relaxed. Kinda strange to me because I have never been this comfortable in a work environment.

Well forget all the intros let’s get to the bone. I seem to have been assigned a task of building a website. See this guy Eein that I am working with built a site straight from css and tables and stuff which of course i think is fine and runs circles around teh current site . But the owner saw me messing around with some flash ap and just jacking around with my desktop and a web template . Now see, I didn’t really want the task of building the site, simply because if it looks lame to me I will rebuild it , and rebuild it and it will never be finished. I have scrapped it like five times now already.

Well if a site is what they want then a site is what they get. You see though, I like the site that Eein built. It just looks better and is more sound and can be easily updated when needed, and it can be crawled at any time by any search bot. The owners of the site want a flash intro and a flash ap on the page , a flash ap that I really do not want to get buried in. They want a room to navigate in with a fire extinguisher and a sprinkler and a horn strobe and a lighted exit sign above the door in the back. I am sure I can do it, but man I would hate to have to edit it. I can edit it but dang .

You guys tell me what looks better. I really like Eein’s site I have said that from the start and am really against a bloated flash site. The current site is done in mostly Iframes and I really cannot see a bot crawling that which really is not a helpfull thing, ya know? See I know that they are going to be expanding to Austin Dallas and San Antonio real soon, like before the end of 2008. They surely will be wanting an update to the site telling people in those areas that it would not take long for us to get our guys on the site. Now that is becoming bigger work. I am still learning the ropes of the job and if I spend all my time on the clock building a site, when my evaluation period ends and I don’t know anything……. dude I will be screwed.

Looking at hours of photoshop and adobe flash cs3 man,!!!!

looks like has them in the forefront


My Car is Douchebagged

6 Dec

I hate the whole concept of “cold air induction”. well not the concept, just the full result. The trick to actually make the air colder and that will increase horse power, but what they sell as cold air induction is a fucking tube.. a god damn tube. Talk about useless shit. The car came with a a god damn tube that was almost twice the size of this “cold air induction” (fucking tube).

ok I hate the whole K&N air filter bullshit. You pay $50 for this fucking air filter that has mesh wire around it.. yes $50 for the cheap ones. but oh joyfullness, it can be cleaned with this special cleaner and you have to oil it down with this special oil. Gayness!
Ok magical air filter that makes your car fast… and it is re-usable. Um the oil and cleaner is $9.. not a fortune but kinda expensive for something that is an addition to a fucking $50 air filter. you have to clean it like every god damn 10 grand miles.

I have noticed greater horsepower from the $4 air filters and you don’t even have to clean them or anything, just chunk em and spend another $4 for a new one that should last at least 30 grand miles.

Well today I went to the parts store to replace my filters, could not find the right size. The douchebag behind the counter informed me,,,, damn it,,,, that they are k&n….. god damn it, I have been hating that I have cold air induction bullshit now I have k&n fucking stupid assed filter.

My car is double douched.
some bitch!

now my hands are black from cleaning the garbage assed filters and my shoes are wet from blasting the shit out with a water hose. This is fucked!