Flixya verses revver

21 Aug

I have been using Revverr for a lil more than a year, and am pleased with the way it works. but the income on it sucks. after a year i have only came to about $3 for 22 videos… three fricking dollars,. That’s just sad.

So i turned to Flixya . because I found it somewhere somehow. .

So Far I am not amused . it seems there is no traffic there at all. everyone’s videos only have like 45 vie3wers at best per year. that’s pathetic.

but flixya works with adsense and I have an account and am hoping this damn site takes off good.. I really wish youtube would do this.. add a blog add pictures section and bam , we have content.

but so far.. nothing from flixya..

oh well that’s my links to my video and blog content that is supposed to make me some money.


One Response to “Flixya verses revver”

  1. Devid September 16, 2007 at 6:10 am #

    Very interesting post. Please do not hesitate to email me more info on this one. If you have a main site let me know. I would like to ad a link for my readers!


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