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How Does Your Site Rank Up

17 Jun

We all eventually get around to seeing what our site ranks up at. We eventually want to know if we are “doing things correctly” with our websites. I really got sick of checking 20 different sites for small tidbits of information I needed. So I bought a script that allows me to check many of the things I need to know about. Check you site’s Statistics. I have been doing some modifications to the script Simply to perfect the results and speed of results. There are a few things that did not fit into the final product but still run off of the same script. Like Check your Google Page Rank.

You can also check out if a site is available and if  or when it will soon expire registration, by doing a WhoIs.

So, for many site evaluation questions and deep page ranking check.



What can you expect from google adsense?

30 Apr

Well for ever I was hoping I could create a website that would make good usage of google adsense.

Well I finally did, and now that I see what the traffic gets me, I had to screen shot it and let you guys see for yourself.

Funny thing is, just saturday, I saw 100 ad clicks, and made only 26 cents from it.

If it is such a hit and miss like it really is, then why do they not tell you this? There are tons of advertising sites out there there that can accommodate us in what we do.