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White Labrador Puppy

30 Jun

A white Labrador puppy can be a best friend, a companion for life. A pure breed of White Labradors has a specific breed of temperament and personality. A fine breed of Lab can be a best friend who lives a long healthy life, is easy to train and is ready to be there for your next command. They are simple to train because they just want to do more and learn more. With a proper history and family tree your white lab needs can be picked from documented  facts of the ancestors to your puppy. What this means is you can practically design your own puppy from the layout of the parent’s lifeline and family tree.

You can breed your own batch of specifically designed White Labradors from the puppies you recently acquired, as long as the proper knowledge of the parents is available and documented proof of breed is available to you and your soon to be customers. It is a great pleasure to purchase a fine breed of dog. It is a greater pleasure to breed a fine tuned breed of dog.

White Labradors, the family pet of all dogs. True to the master readily happy to be your companion. I hope you enjoy the puppy you register. I know it will enjoy your companionship.


Animal Cops Animal Planet

27 Aug

You , I have been watching that show. And I swear it rips me up. My cat should love that show. Cuz Each time I watch it, I feed him really huge in treats and check up on his litter box.

There is one thing about that show that I do not like. Everytime a dog goes to the vet with an injured paw “We will have to amputate it” . I mean it they just lob them paws off left and right (pun). Is it out of cost? Is it because it’s easier? is it because the state pays the doctor more for such a proceedure ?  Is it a combonation? They tend to just say ” It would be best”  does that mean  that it would be best easy high income that ends fast?

It’s great that they show the people who really care, the guys making the least amount of money , the guys in the field clearly care . They really get choked up. They act as if they really want to help the animals.