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Music Notice and News

17 Jun

Musicians Have forever been out to hear people show appreciation for their work and effort. I mean we have. You don’t just do an awesome job at work because your radiate awesomeness. So here is a site to find news about popular bands and an occasional heads up about new unsigned bands. Music News and unsigned bands.

If you know of a place that has content to listen to from unsigned bands, would be cool to leave a heads up.

If you want music news and want to hear random good bands, subscribe to the rss feed.

It is hard to locate a good band. There are so many bands out there and so many genres. And you can’t forget that only about 5% of the bands are worth listening to. Sometimes the music is spot on and teh signer sounds like a stand in random bum. Sometimes it’s an amazing singer with  some sound machine music in a box  garbage.

So if you know of a good unsigned band leave a link to content worth listening to.


Updated musicians social

8 Aug

Ok those who knows me know that I am always trying to get involved in stuff I love, So I put up a site for musicians to get their music heard. http://iworkwithmusic.com/.
Well I just updated a messload of features. I give musicians their own rss feeds to let listeners hear the latest media from them.
profiles, blogs,forums.
Everyone gets the same stuff.
So dj,rap group,boyband,metal band,country singer.. guitarist looking for a band, tuba player . What ever you are, come on in and sign up, it’s a free place to upload your media and let people listen to your music. Embed your videos , blah blah.. 😛