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How Does Your Site Rank Up

17 Jun

We all eventually get around to seeing what our site ranks up at. We eventually want to know if we are “doing things correctly” with our websites. I really got sick of checking 20 different sites for small tidbits of information I needed. So I bought a script that allows me to check many of the things I need to know about. Check you site’s Statistics. I have been doing some modifications to the script Simply to perfect the results and speed of results. There are a few things that did not fit into the final product but still run off of the same script. Like Check your Google Page Rank.

You can also check out if a site is available and if  or when it will soon expire registration, by doing a WhoIs.

So, for many site evaluation questions and deep page ranking check.


Tech Forum

18 May

I just built a tech support and rumors forum with a video game and console section.
I hope you people like it.
I will be adding moderators as I see the users with morals sticking around.
I will be banning all clowns as fast as I can and as often as I can. who knows maybe I will redirect them to forums I hate 🙂

The goal is to get information and news about tech to the world. and what the hell, to hang out and talk to others like myself.
I don’t see any out there with the same stuff as what I have envisioned so I am making it myself. yes there will be a fight room. Because hey, we all do need to get it out of our systems.
But no fighting in main rooms.

There is avatar and all other options we all have been missing through the past few years as these places seem to get invisible these days.
Yes you can upload your own images to my server, I can handle a fricken lot .
bbcode welcome, html code welcome (for now)

What can you expect from google adsense?

30 Apr

Well for ever I was hoping I could create a website that would make good usage of google adsense.

Well I finally did, and now that I see what the traffic gets me, I had to screen shot it and let you guys see for yourself.

Funny thing is, just saturday, I saw 100 ad clicks, and made only 26 cents from it.

If it is such a hit and miss like it really is, then why do they not tell you this? There are tons of advertising sites out there there that can accommodate us in what we do.

Learning css

24 Jan

Working on my site and finally stepping out of plain html.

I have so far changed the first page and will be changing the rest of the pages through out February .

It’s not so hard once you actually dig into it. But once again this is the first page I have built like this so that explains why I am still only on one page. I have done plenty with flash, but once again it looks rough . The outcome hasn’t been up to what I want. I believe that if I feel around a few fields of web design, I am hoping I will finally be happy with my work.

I should have done this years ago.  Here is the cached version

Here is the updated

updated site im working on

1 Oct

look at the page

this is what I have done with the flash portion of the site

It’s a temp site to show the owners of

what progress I have made withthe templates they have. there will be a bigger better flash intro on there when I am done.

I blog about it on if you really care to read about that kind of stuff. I am working in my spare time for them, I just do not have much spare time since I bought this new car and am working alot of overtime to compensate for the added bill. but what the heck, these people are nice and i like them and they need help with their site.

Had to stop my other blog

29 Aug

on my site i am having a frustrating battle with the blogging program I use. I will have to redo the whole damn thing again. so i have it redirecting to here.when I fix it , it will no longer be directed to here. go figgure…. right ?

Well I am gonna jack with it tomorrow.

Issues with a hacker…. on my site.

15 Aug

 I sent a message to the host of my domain   50 Asking why my site keeps going down at the same time every day plus there are a few random times , but I just wanted to focus on high traffic hours. they sent back a message that you would find disturbing.

I find it funny as hell. I mean comeone people, don’t you know that the host is just a company that has ties with content, but have a very good legal team. Oh well good luck asshats.

message is below

Hello TruXter,

We have experienced some down time as we were attacked by a hacker. We are working to patch this and resolve the issues. We apologize for this trouble Thank you,

Mysite Escalation Team

Original Message Follows: ————————

Form Message

Full Name: TruXter
Email Address: email addy)
Freeservers URL:
Java Script: YES
Application Name: Netscape
appvers: 5.0 (Windows; en-US)
Category: General Question
Question: Why has the server gone down so many times in the past 6 days? it seems it is once a day every day for 6 days
Subject: General Question server outages?
Link to Problem:  
Error Message: I keep seeing the site down.
FTP Program:  
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