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How Does Your Site Rank Up

17 Jun

We all eventually get around to seeing what our site ranks up at. We eventually want to know if we are “doing things correctly” with our websites. I really got sick of checking 20 different sites for small tidbits of information I needed. So I bought a script that allows me to check many of the things I need to know about. Check you site’s Statistics. I have been doing some modifications to the script Simply to perfect the results and speed of results. There are a few things that did not fit into the final product but still run off of the same script. Like Check your Google Page Rank.

You can also check out if a site is available and if  or when it will soon expire registration, by doing a WhoIs.

So, for many site evaluation questions and deep page ranking check.


A Letter To Comcast- You Blocked My Site!

14 Jan

read it here 

near finished with first flash build

5 Oct

someone offered me a good penny to build a site in flash.. I do not know flash.

so I got the template sthey paid for and ran to adobe…. mane it has been fun, but I will never do that again.

I have now seen it run like crap on someone elses computer. but run fine on mine

hope the people at starlite fnding inc like what I did for them.

updated site im working on

1 Oct

look at the page

this is what I have done with the flash portion of the site

It’s a temp site to show the owners of

what progress I have made withthe templates they have. there will be a bigger better flash intro on there when I am done.

I blog about it on if you really care to read about that kind of stuff. I am working in my spare time for them, I just do not have much spare time since I bought this new car and am working alot of overtime to compensate for the added bill. but what the heck, these people are nice and i like them and they need help with their site.

Revamped my site

14 Sep

I fixed my start page so you can actually read the links.. I whent with a simple black and white  page.

I will be revering the solors pretty soon though. i want white text on black back. but for right now, this will do.

the  Home page was a little clumped.

I am going to work on content and other crap on that page and chunk all the links to the left. I am kinda comfortable like that .

the whole template and css thing I tried out. ruined a whole lot for me and killed my google capabilities. plus it was hard as hell to get my links in order unless i did every single page i have . just like that … right now I have jack squat for focus and well over 100 pages… not gonna happen.

Hopefully you like what I have, it’s a logical stand on web 1.0 😛

Morgan Webb’s podcast

13 Aug

Well I found her . she is doing a tech round up show. Webb Alert

Looks like she is doing a good job and is of quality worth watching. downside is I cannot find the audio download .

See I listen to podcasts while I am at work just walking around doing my regular everyday thing. It is great to kind of lose the day’s noise while I am out busting my butt getting my fill of their content and doing my job. I have gotten to a state in my life where I can not just sit around listening to the same damn song every day every ten minutes. I really need to learn stuff. It makes me feel as if i am doing myself some good.

so here is the link

I really enjoy the way she hammers out her news, it is fast paced and informitive, she has show notes at the bottom.. I really wish she would get a mp3 version out.. might even come close to what andy does on slashdot review

Sarah Lane

online money.. man it is hard

12 Aug

all over the net is millions of them fricken signs and ads about making money from your chair. it does not happen like that. I am doing like 9 different survey sites and they all have different mailing frequencies so it might take a month for one site to send me a check, and it takes another 2 weeks, so the checks do not come at the same time and they are so small it is emberassing to cash the dinkly lil things. but some times you can let the money build up online and cash in later. those ones are cool as hell.

my site gets like .. well piddly squat a day in rev. but oh well is mine and I likes it.

it seems everyone just likes one damn page and does not explore my  site to see the other stuff, maybe it’s clunky and complicated, or tooo damn simple.

well. I will get back to work on my blog and my site and link the places I make money from , maybe other people need it.. I know I would miss it if it was gone, but god some times I can’t help but wonder why i am doing it..

well here are a few. I have to work on it more and get more links up (these are the ones that don’t fuck you over in your email with spam)