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17 Feb

Is Google Sniper a Scam ?

We cover the topic of the new download called Google Sniper, an SEO Magic Elixer Short cut on life get rich quick thing we see popular on the


Mazzy Star Covers

Hope Sandoval has a wonderful voice, here are people showing Homage to the voice when she was in Mazzy Star

HTC Thunderbolt for verizon

New android Phone.

Help for those on unemployment

Job search site that helps you find a job and gives tips to the employed people, now offering help


Is free really free?

22 Nov

If you have been to atleast one time this year, you know that free is not free and you know where I am at right now so you really do not need this.

for those of you who think you might be wanting to read about to see if anyone has had issues from them due to deceptive practices or false advertisement or any means of unscrupulouse acts, well this might actually be a good fine read for you.

See I moved all of my blogs over to lockergnome, but I frequently come into here to let you guys know that I wrote one that I feel very strong about, I feel i have been done wrong and have been misslead by a website that says free, has a user agreement that says free but charges me anyway, just because the first page says something about an account you can set up for $13 a month. no where in that agreement did I select anything that said I agree to pay a bill. so guys here is a read

A warning to craigs list users

1 Sep

I got fed up with trying to search on craigs list. So sick of the stupid people who go there and post stuff in the wrong section on purpose. That makes me nuts.. I mean it really drives me insain. So I have compiled a simpleĀ  email that I will copy and paste in every time I see something in the wrong spot on crags list. I hhave already sent it to three people at one time. I cannot post their responses here.. that would get me banned.

This is what i wrote:

Do you realize that you are an idiot?
Do you realize that you are trying to sale parts in the car section? Do you realize that the odds of someone finding the car to buy that matches your parts are slim to none? Do you realize how much it upsets people to see idiots like you posting in the wrong section?

There is a parts section.

It is people like you that post in the women’s area of the singles classified, because you think it is strategic.
you my friend are stupid.

two of them told me they just sold their junk on that way and cussed me out.. the other one just cussed me out.

hotmail report Phishing

1 Sep

I love this new feature,didnt notice it till this morning.

But i just have to wonder, how many just plano spammers will get the flag as being phishing, and did microslob just put that there to make you feel as if something is being done?. I know paypal and ebay doesnt do anything, I constantly get phishing mail from people using the same server over and over.

yet i always get that re-assuring email that tells me how to avoid falling for it… um.. i am the guy that sent you the damn link, do you not realize I have this part figgured out yet? would it be better if you just sent me back a link so i can check up on current status of the freak?