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17 Feb

Is Google Sniper a Scam ?

We cover the topic of the new download called Google Sniper, an SEO Magic Elixer Short cut on life get rich quick thing we see popular on the


Mazzy Star Covers

Hope Sandoval has a wonderful voice, here are people showing Homage to the voice when she was in Mazzy Star

HTC Thunderbolt for verizon

New android Phone.

Help for those on unemployment

Job search site that helps you find a job and gives tips to the employed people, now offering help


University of Texas Simkins Issue

24 Jun

People are throwing fits about the schools name that it needs to be changed.

Let’s look at a couple things we need to consider. This is history. Not white, not brown, not yellow, not black history, just history. You can not change history to be suitable for your feelings. The facts have to stay or we lose history.

Now with that out of the way. Let’s put something else in the way.

There are two things to think about and make you reconsider your thoughts.

1. the man did something that a person who is building a school would think is honorable and worthy of naming a school after. That could have been simkin’s last hurrah. He could have promised to show regret and sacrifice something to help the future and better the future.


2. The guy that named the school was aware of the racist stuff that simkin did. (make what you want of that statement).

We look at history and we see all of these huge civilizations with hundreds of building and tombs ransacked and destroyed by civilizations who move in on top of them. They have no sense to preserve for further study, no sense to preserve for the stories we tell our grand children. If you destroy proof of oppression, you destroy proof of suffering. If you destroy the facts that there where people who were against your race, you destroy the proof that your race achieved anything.

With the way that construction goes and way time moves and people shuffle things around, we really do not know if there ever was anything we hear about in mythology, or assumed mythology. Wee have no proof of evolution that seals the deal. We have no idea if we know where Jesus’ tomb is/was or any other religion’s main guy. Not saying any are more real or less real than the others. we just have no way to tell the scientists ” HA! LOOK RETARD THERE IT IS” . Why? because one religion rules for a while and destroys everything useless to them, and then the next religion comes along.

You have to preserve history. Yours,theirs, mine,and the one we all share.

See we have no idea if Simkin was undercover or just a straight up sicko, or some submissive dude who was pushed into the places he was. Why? because that information is not available. quit saying it is racist to preserve this stuff, it’s ignorant to not preserve proof.

Tech News Site

26 Mar

Once a week, the news is Gauranteed to be updated.

If anyone wants to join the site and do news as they see it happen. or be the first to submit tech news there

TruXter Tech News

So Increase your internet Presence.

Or heck just go there to read the latest Tech News.

I have a blast doing this, and I have a pretty suprising method of gathering news before most people.

So if you have tech news, gaming news, computer news, anything you feel is tech news  Submit it and write.

I will probably get the news up there before you do.

Locker Gnome Blogging

26 Oct

Currently blogging at lockergnome

They have allowed me to use my adsense account on there.To see what happens I am going to have to stop woring on this blog for a short time to test spin it. Probably going to post here every now and again like once twice maybe three times a week. I will be focussing all my traffic getting posts to the other location on lockergnome . Mainly because I just want to see what kind of revenue it generates and what I can do to influence it to increase. The idea is to see what I can do for traffic and what traffic can do for me.

Plus the free easy money just farting around is a great influence there.

I will be trying to work on my apearance and style while there. But I still refuse to read anyone else’s blog, I want my content and works to be all mine and nothing brought in by others. i will use my book,novel and story writing skills and documentary tactics. I will be working alone on this project and all people who have writing with or for me, will be on their own projects. . So the whole “stumble fuck” art of the old ways will not be found there on the new blogging location.
Please go to and check it out, maybe creat your own account.. if you have adsense and all that crap..

Please watch me grow.

My work is here


Net Nuetrality?

11 Sep

Ok I am not sure which side of the line I should stand on with this subject. Think about it, there is some sort of underlying consequence that is going to hit us when it is all said an done. Should google have to pay the isp companies for the bandwidth they use? No! Should some people who have crappy internet service that is unbarebly slow pay as much as everyone else with that isp?.. No! Why is the isp asking google to  pay for the bandwidth the users of said isp decide to use?. It should not be ok for the isp to block all access to google, or a torrent program or skype. The customers of that isp pay for that internet provider because they say it is unlimited internet with 5mbs service. Then they of course buy out all near by competing providers and become the only provider in many areas.That lil part makes me sick.

Truely if anyone should be paying anyone, the providers should be paying the sites their users visit for giving the users something entertaining because the internet should would be lame without somewhere to go. I sure would hate to just be able to go to looking for technical or medical or love advice.

You just know that that if you select against the whole anti-neutrality  there will be some underlying demon that jumps up from nowhere and makes us regret our decision. Something like all sites will go pay or so bubbly with web 2.0 junk addons that it forces you to have a massive bandwidth service, and everything we are used to as being fast, will then become as annoying and slow as what dial up makes us feel now.There will be so many people on the same service as you just soaking up all the local bandwidth dragging down the resources of local hubs..

I say leave it alone in either direction, isps fix the lines in the areas, people drop that gay assed bubbly looking pastel colored “web 2.0” crap and gadgets/widgets .Skype is useless .. yahoo and msn have been doing everything skype does, for years, and have cost the same the whole time.If the isp hates apple for making itunes, then the isp should offer something cheap for the customers, and make a buck while doing it. and quit whining . We should not have to make a choice in either of those directions, that crap is just a smokke screan for inadequate service and manipulative contracts for a monopolizing organization.


podcast list 7-30-7

31 Jul

For starts I have to say I am using a “Chipod” which is an ipod clone and only cost me $17 for one gig. shipping and everything, I do alot of modding as this is the third one I have owned because I work pretty hard and tend to really bang these suckers up, so $17 is just right and one gig is plenty storage for 8 hours of work. I am a reader and some times poster at the mp4 forums this is where you get all the tips and tricks to mod your mp3/,p4 player. you will get tools and firmware and some of the dress up icons. I have the batman theme on mine :). try and enjoy all.

The podcast list is as I state here.




lab rats

linux action show

SlashDot Review

The tech Guy (2 eps)


I will post my choice of the better for this week. Count on me being pretty partial to slash dot.. andrew just fires out the tech news like you wouldn’t know.. sorry cnet you didnt have anything going so I will get to you when you post something.

and the working podcast from….. nothing new lately so .. i do nothing.