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Music Notice and News

17 Jun

Musicians Have forever been out to hear people show appreciation for their work and effort. I mean we have. You don’t just do an awesome job at work because your radiate awesomeness. So here is a site to find news about popular bands and an occasional heads up about new unsigned bands. Music News and unsigned bands.

If you know of a place that has content to listen to from unsigned bands, would be cool to leave a heads up.

If you want music news and want to hear random good bands, subscribe to the rss feed.

It is hard to locate a good band. There are so many bands out there and so many genres. And you can’t forget that only about 5% of the bands are worth listening to. Sometimes the music is spot on and teh signer sounds like a stand in random bum. Sometimes it’s an amazing singer with  some sound machine music in a box  garbage.

So if you know of a good unsigned band leave a link to content worth listening to.


Music/Guitar Lesson videos

9 Aug

I took some time to record some guitar lessons in video form with tablature and a brief explanation on how and what I am doing in the video Link Here

Yeah they are kinda just for beginners and very simple, but they do cover basic things that you really should know.  All of the videos are embeded from Revver so it costs you nothing. I am really not wanting to gain anything from you anyway.  This is old stuff, from long ago and it was free then and it is free here now so really no one should take credit for this stuff and no one should gain anything from this stuff, to me it would be like charging you to look at stuff.

I use an accoustic guitar and the tuning I am using for these videos is e,a,d,g,b,e  from low pitched fat string to high pitch skinny string on bottom. the guitar is an accoustic six string tak*.nothing complex or difficult pretty basic . lol check out the shirt 🙂 no one can really claim my videos  😀  .  If you see aanyone on the net sporting my videos, bash them in a blog and link me . or just link me .

I hope you learn from this or find it usefull in someway or fashion.