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Music Notice and News

17 Jun

Musicians Have forever been out to hear people show appreciation for their work and effort. I mean we have. You don’t just do an awesome job at work because your radiate awesomeness. So here is a site to find news about popular bands and an occasional heads up about new unsigned bands. Music News and unsigned bands.

If you know of a place that has content to listen to from unsigned bands, would be cool to leave a heads up.

If you want music news and want to hear random good bands, subscribe to the rss feed.

It is hard to locate a good band. There are so many bands out there and so many genres. And you can’t forget that only about 5% of the bands are worth listening to. Sometimes the music is spot on and teh signer sounds like a stand in random bum. Sometimes it’s an amazing singer with  some sound machine music in a box  garbage.

So if you know of a good unsigned band leave a link to content worth listening to.


Truth about America’s Next top Model.

16 Oct

A bunch of very nice looking ladies who are trying to win a contest of being beautiful and interesting to look at.

Simple fact.

But they are lead by a woman who really isn’t that pretty anymore, being instructed on how to look prettier and more “Beautiful model like” by hand full of ugly gay dudes who dress in gaudy cloths and act like total flames.

I am sure the ladies on this show who are in the contest would assure you that you are right and listen to all instructions, even if they where being told to follow the instructions of a fat football watching couch potato with mustard stains and mystery stains all over their clothes and couch.

The show repulses me. It has nothing to do with sexual preference of the gay guys other than they have no idea what it’s like to be a beautiful model, heck they don’t even have enough interest in women to even have a valid opinion.

See they get this rude holier than thou ego trip and make these very nice polite ladies feel like scum because these guys tell them they are scum (in ways). If it was not for the fact that the ladies have to listen to these clowns because their future is at stake, these  tacky haired nappy clothed weirdos would just be ego tripping themselves.

Yes Tyra hand picked them. Why? I have no clue. These guys have these ladies looking like retards to win a contest. In the end, the ugly woman from the beginning gets made up really pretty for all events and takes the best pictures, and wins. Simple show. Simply rigged for the under dog (lol pun) .

They need to use better models who made bugger impressions than that B class Tyra and remove the out fielder circus clowns and put in people who know what they are doing so real women can win that contest.

Otherwise, the show is a sham.

Seth Petruzelli Fluke Win Against Kimbo Slice

6 Oct

Here is the fight

At the end of the fight, the announcer says that Kimbo is fighting the reff. No he was not. Watch closely. If he was then the reff would have been more handsy. Saying this made it seem like Kimbo was more disoriented than he really was. His amazement was that the fight was already over.

The Shot

There is no “Magical Kick” that knocked the wind out of him. What everyone calls a kick, is Seth’s leg and foot in the air trying to put something between him and Kimbo. I don’t care what form of fighting you call that. The annaouncer makes it clear that Seth is a kung fu student. The ground foot is wide open for a stomp and a push down. The punch traveled 6 inches. Unless this is Bruce Lee’s Myth coming true. It did not knock him out. The punch landed on the nose and mouth of Kimbo. Not his left eye. The 6 inch punch happened while Seth was air born and moving backwards. Watch his footing as the punch lands. He had no foot on the ground, and was moving back away from Kimbo. At most that was a 7 lbs limp hit.

Kimbo taking four solid punches twice as hard

Watch the video 39 seconds into it he tells the dude to punch him. I posted that to make the puds who claim glass jaw, STFU!

Kimbo was not knocked out. he was hit the same time he lost footing. the guy hits kimbo on the right side of his face and body about 10 or so time. But kimbos left eye brow is busted. How is this? He fell on the floor. Kimbo did not cover, because the punches did not hurt. It’s that damn simple.

I am sorry to ruin the whole great white hype of the Mixed Martial Arts. But Kimbo is a whole other machine.

If he didn’t throw this match. Then when the rematch comes around and kimbo makes due on his loss. Some of you lil tweaker punks are gonna scurry or become kimbo fans. I am sorry but that was a total fluke fight.

He isn’t there to roll around on the floor with you in your underwear, he is there to break your head. Grappling is a last resort. It has become to much of a common thing. These clowns choke out 7 outa 10 fights now days. How? Well back in the old day they would smash your face if you got close enough, then grapple when they got tired, well a few won that way. So now everyone thinks it’s the way to win… no it’s what you do when you are tired.

If there is no rematch, Kimbo Sold out.


Rematch in Talks

GTA CLans Site Suggestions

27 Sep

If you play Grand Theft Auto Online, If you are in a clan

Then you may have heard about

Well the owners of the site and administrators have created a poll with some suggestions to enhance the site. well the Owner of the site is offering money and or jolt cola to people who win certain categories.

My personal favorite is the request for best ownage videos. Best ownage video gets $50. That is of course if everyone votes for that ..

Here is the location of the poll

Judge Jeanine Pirro

24 Sep

I have never watched this show before this week. Hurricane Ike wiped out allot of companies that depend on electricity. Since the power is out in different locations around Texas, I am sitting at home watching Early daytime TV…

Ok, I have to make this first statement. If you are going to be on a show on Television learn how to speak. Pretty damn simple. I am sure that in your lil section of the neighborhood everyone there speaks like you do, but you are not talking to just your neighborhood. You are talking to an entire country, a whole planet maybe.

So the word “else” does not have a letter “T” in it, the word is not “elts”. After the 5th time you say “uhhh”  you pretty much are seen country wide as an idiot. You may as well be saying “duh,dur,uhh”.

Second, if you are a guy and you are head to head with a female who is pressing charges on you, you are screwed. So ladies if you want to get even with some dude who has forgotten you even exist, Go on the Judge Pirro show, She makes it clear that she does not like men. Watching today there are two women pressing charges on each other, their witnesses are men. Each time the men responded to questions  Pirro asked them, she yelled at them and talked to them like they are idiots, yet she explained to the women how they where wrong. She never once yelled at the women.

I just watched an episode about a mattress and an ex-boyfriend who was shamed for peeing in bed at 26 years old. The plaintiff repeatedly said on national Tv that the sex was good that is why she kept going back. Verdict for the plaintiff half the value of the bed $450.

So ladies if you want to sue some random guy, because you like millions of other people out there live life  law suite after law suite, just pick some random guy and take him to Jeanine Pirro. You will get your money. (this of course is an exaggerated joke, please do not do this it is just a way of explaining there are lots of people on this planet and not everyone is innocent because of gender)

If anyone else notices what I am saying, try and give a description of the episode, or post it’s youtube  video/link here . This really needs to be addressed and not ran from. I am sorry if she had a bad past and has stuff to get even with or what ever the case may be, but she really needs to be fair.

GTA CLans Forum

31 Aug

A site dedicated to GTA clans

Brand new just whent up today  sunday august 31st 2008

created so you have a place to claim your clan, to challenge other clans, recruite to your clan

post screen shots and videos of yourself fighting /battling other clans.

If you have that video of one last guy on your team  smoking the hell out of 10 guys on the oposing team..

post that video at  show that you have the best clan in gta online.

people in mta, come one it’s your place too, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here

gta sa-mp yeah you helped … some so come on,

Make your challenges tell us where to meet you what server what name and or password.  Man you can’t battle a challenge without a challenge.

Two new clues GTAIV on PC

23 Jul

This isn’t set in stone clues from rockstargames, but the clues I have found

stay within the routine and system of Rockstar game’s  method of clues

See the kids have gotten lazy and so rockstar does not realize they are out there

there used to be hordes and groups of people actually trying to find the nex clue and or how to compile the fricken game themselves.  but from what I see, rockstar games does not see that the kids  need to hear  themn say “HEY STUPID WE PLAY A GAME OF  FIND THE CRAP, BEFORE WE RELEASE TO PC FIRST…… YES…. EVERY TIME”   They make us drool before we get the game. They make us prove we are the smarter of the gaming world.

The game is coming and we can see it in april from what i suspect and see. that puts us right in schedule for what they wanted in the first place, but a year later.  due to the hold of the 360 version and sony argument.

Yes Grand theft Auto  is meant for the pc computer