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Finding Jobs Easy

18 Jun

The easy way to locate a job is by finding the right job search site. The way you can do it and be certain you are comparing options is by trying as many sites as you can. You can start by going down this list, and do a search on each site individually.

From these sites all at once

Or you can of course you can easily try a condensed search. Like using one someone put together that Searches all 14 sites at one time.

The trick is to type in the city you want to work in and the job title. That simple. If you want more detail then give it. you can check specific companies and see if they are hiring. Those are the top job sites. So it should simplify everything for you by using that search. Of course you will probably have to sign up to at least one of those sites to leave like a resume or something. but most of the posts you click into, actually list a phone number or email address or business address.

You can so much as type in whether you want full time or part time. Salary or wage, fine. The more you add the more defined. but first try a simple search with it.

With unemployment at it’s all time highest I would recommend anyone who wants to get on a better or an actual income, give this a try. You can print out results of your search and show them to anyone you need to prove that you are trying to find a job to. It simplifies the most monotonous part. Find a Job Now.


Do We Work or are We Politically Correct

9 Jun

No one feels it till they are laid off and or fired.
Make fun of people saying ” They took our jobs”.
Three years later your ass gets laid off.

Three years ago it was all over the news, everyone wanting to make it legal for people who are not from the united states, to come to America and do low paying labor jobs. The snobbish said ” Ehh it’s just digging ditches and that money is good for them” well to me that is trashy thought process. when you look at all the jobless in the united states (drive by the welfare office lately??? You really should, or stay out of this conversation). You see lots of people who need $$$.
Someone in that line is willing to get paid more with the chance of a raise and advancement, rather than stand in that stupid line. We all want a raise and advancement, no one wants to stay at low pay.
Be reasonable.
Who replaces him? well the next guy, it’s not like we have only 7 people in this country willing to work.

Well we fight for this employment of people from another country on a temporary visa, so he can ship it back to his country where that money is huge, we feel as if we got a good deal and hooked someone up with money. Meanwhile you cut the throat of a tax paying citizen who is certified and qualified for that position, who has to charge a tad bit more because he has more answers for this job, because he know what to do rather than improvise to do what ever it takes to get paid.

Soo this guy on a temporary visa decides not to pay taxes to pay for the people on welfare because he does not have to care, then he drives to local Joe’s gas station and dumps the waste material in that guy’s garbage can costing him more money than he accounted for. Of course the company that will be taking that trash away will employ out of country workers because they are cheaper. but what do you care??? you got a deal ? right?
Ok then we got an “economic stimulus check” what did you do with it that stimulated the economy ? well you got your house painted by a crew of people who do not pay taxes (because your state just raised the taxes on registered companies to solve debt) and of course the money you paid out for the paint job, was shipped to what ever country the person was from, good job on stimulating the economy. but of course, you agree that no one wants to do labor here.

Then we find out that Detroit is closed
and there are no more plants in the united states that do manufacturing. well there are a few,but a small percentage of what was there 10 years ago. 10 years is a long time and things change???? They sure do (as I turn my pockets inside out) . But you are good, as long as it does not effect you, you have no issues with it and couldn’t care less. You are passed that point now and it does not matter.
Then you log into your computer to check on your website and see that it is down. So you pick up your cell phone and call the support group of your server and you get
“Hello dare my flend tank por calling de hepp line my nemm ez David” (you have to try and pronounce it to understand it)
Now you throw a fit, you have now been inconvenienced by outsourcing. While others have been starving and watching this all go down hill and you have been oblivious, the extent of your dissmay is your website is unavailable..

You see we just moved three levels into poverty.
labor low wage
working class manufacturing mid wage
Technical support Middle class

and we now have what has been predicted, just the Rich and the poor standing in line at the welfare office.

Post a job at it’s my site, let’s get someone a job!

Social job search Networking ????

28 Jul

Looks like it’s new, and hasn’t even launched yet.

looks like a great idea though I have no idea how it will work.  a social employment site.

Create a forum for people to use to post jobs.

and people can reply to those posts if needed.

Main thing is to control the spammers with “work at home” job crap, that sends you emailing 4000000000000 people to only get one response so you earn 25 cents.

So now you can respond to scammers and their posts, basicly flame them out to oblivion.

Call moderator and get the adds removed.. who knows, if you are there long enough looking for a job, you may even make a few friends. I myself am always looking for a better job.

It is made for the career minded people who just do not fit in any catagory in any of the job searches. Like say if you want to be a manager of a gas station, look on monster or career builder and search manager you find head ceo manager of Exxon.  yeah right , you know you aren’t qualified for that. .. hopefully will do this right for the regular people.

Cool feture is, your profile is your resume`. Join now creat your profile and just change it every week.

Working on job searcher

25 Sep

On the site “”   I am working on a job searcher that brings you wnat you need and or want. for now it has small advertisers in a job search related area. they might actually help you.

maybe not.

bu I am pushing for making it easier to have your resume actually read by people submitting job postings. Nothing in job searching has pissed me off more than the fact that the past 6 years my resume has been on career builder, I have been the only person to have read it.