Racist Anti-Drug Commercial ?

3 Apr

The people at “abovetheinfluence.com” have a commercial that one might see as being racist.

It is a pretty recent Commercial. Let me paint the picture.

You have a young man of African Descent. Standing in a basketball court. (stereo type #1) Bouncing a Basketball. Behind him is another Young man painted black (????? #2???) sitting on the ground bouncing a ball, to look as if he is his shadow (many times that word has been used racially). The young man who is the focus of the commercial seems to be enjoying himself playing ball. The young man looks over his shoulder and sees a young long haired Caucasian man leaning on a wall in ragged clothing smoking something. Just then the 1st young man had just shot a basket before the ball rolls back from the shot, he walks towards the Caucasian kid. Leaving the shadow on the ground to catch the ball rolling back.

The Shadow is alone now. The narrator says ” If you smoke weed, how much of yourself are you leaving behind?”.

Is the ad saying ” White kids smoke pot and are below the influence, if you hang out with them, you will leave all your blackness behind” ??

I find that offensive to white people, and unbelievably offensive to black people, and to the merger of the two, what might be the best thing our future has.

bebo link : http://www.bebo.com/FlashBox.jsp?FlashBoxId=8423455855

I find that Commercial more offensive than Helpful.


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