People who watch Football

26 Oct

Mindless brainwashed idiots who soak up hours and hours of endless advertisement..For a sport that makes them fall asleep. Don’t lie.

Wives if your husband falls asleep watching football, post the picture here and let’s settle this now.

Ok back to the guys.  You are idiots. that game is as stupid as.. well it was created in the early nineteen hundreds. Does that not tell you it’s a stupid sport? It’s fricken hopscotch for fat men in tights. Get off the couch and have fun with your kids you fat worthless bastard.

Somewhere in your house is a wife getting fat ugly and more and more depressed because she realizes she is trapped in a relationship with a moron. There is nothing you do on that couch watching football that is even remotely close to interesting. If you can remember every play of every superbowl, you are a big fat bundle of useless knowledge (actually there is nothing knowledgeable about  ‘me throw ball you catch ball you run’)

Anyone who claims to be superior, or their blood line is Superior in football.. I have to say , cool. Nice  to know.  ME MAKE THROW, ME THROW ROCK MAKE DINNER WITH DINOSAUR BEEF. Evolve shithead, or die.You might want to look around you and see the world has evolved right under your gene pool and is about to obsolete your sloping forehead.

Hell we have evolved so much the world has gone to Mixed Martial arts. Everyone is learning it, everyone is going to school for it Everyone. Ok to that I have to say that I am happy you guys are doing something new. Cool really it is cool. But really, do you have to roll around on the floor in your underwear?

Next time you are watching some football game, or some “ooh I’m gonna be a karate champ”  mixed martial arts or midget wrestling bullshit, remember there is someone out therer that will make your old lady happy and keep her from being a fat depressed slob of neglect. Get the off that couch , she loves you and has no idea how to make you see that you are wasting what you both have a limited suply of. The rest of your useless  life.


One Response to “People who watch Football”

  1. Zad January 19, 2009 at 12:06 am #

    I couldn’t agree more, just wanted to let you know I have stumbled this – Although you probably couldn’t give a shit it might just bring some life to this interesting site which seems to be hidden from the internet. I found it by searching “net neutrality bumper stickers” on Google.

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