More Babble Screwing Up Women

26 Oct

Checking my hotmail email today I see an ad to read some story titled “take him back or dump him“.

For one thing, it over hypes women. It makes it seem that every man has this whimpering  needing to be cuddly  looking for a dominatrix woman child inside him. look ladies, your man messed around on you because, well simply because he is sure you are not the best he can get. Maybe you look the best , but your personality just plain sucks. Or just the opposite.  I am sorry but if he did not design you, then well, you aint perfect lady.

The whole idea that a woman should make a man grovel, is complete bulls__t. Yes we all know that you have  coochy power. So do a million other women out there. Before you wave the mighty scepter of shaky stench, remember this world can accommodate. For every lonely man, there is another woman out there willing to try and change him. On that note, you really need to drop the whole “change a man” stuff. be yourself and if he is not who you want, then he never will be. Most that will come of it is your “standards” will be lowered. You will find yourself doing stuff and saying you life , that you hate. You will find yourself on the phone with that one guy you know you should have fallen in love with, pouring your life story out, while sitting at home with your 6 children and the husband is out god knows where.  Or you will succeed in changing the man and make him more caring than he normally is and you will realize ” this dude is a pud’ because you made him that way. He did what you want, he does what you want, and now you do not like that.

I have watched quite a few relationships shatter due to stupidity. Biggest stupid thing to ruin a relationship is thinking you are going to get away with something. The whole thought that you may have that men are stupid and need to be changed is where you screw up your relationships. Just let the guy be himself, if he is not for you , move now and move to the next one, does not make you a whore it makes you wise.  You will live a whole lot happier life that way. If you cross paths with a guy that is closer to what you want, you will be happier that way.

Don’t dress your man. Don’t pick out his hair cut or his cloths. It would piss you off if he started picking that stuff out for you.

Take him back or dump him? Depends. Did you mess around also? Did it cross your mind to do so? Can you forgive him for having the same idea as you and coming back to you just like you came back to him because you both had flings with crappy ones so you have to face the fact that you both are the best either can do ?

Or did you both just jump out hoping to get knocked up or knock up someone, as a last ditch effort to get out of this stupid relationship you both know is going to  ruin the rest of your lives? Let’s believe that is a retarded idea, because you are now forever bonded to that total stranger last ditch effort. Or you will settle into your current with some stranger being the parent of a baby, and the husband not knowing.

Love what you get, get what you love be truthful, be kind.


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