Truth about America’s Next top Model.

16 Oct

A bunch of very nice looking ladies who are trying to win a contest of being beautiful and interesting to look at.

Simple fact.

But they are lead by a woman who really isn’t that pretty anymore, being instructed on how to look prettier and more “Beautiful model like” by hand full of ugly gay dudes who dress in gaudy cloths and act like total flames.

I am sure the ladies on this show who are in the contest would assure you that you are right and listen to all instructions, even if they where being told to follow the instructions of a fat football watching couch potato with mustard stains and mystery stains all over their clothes and couch.

The show repulses me. It has nothing to do with sexual preference of the gay guys other than they have no idea what it’s like to be a beautiful model, heck they don’t even have enough interest in women to even have a valid opinion.

See they get this rude holier than thou ego trip and make these very nice polite ladies feel like scum because these guys tell them they are scum (in ways). If it was not for the fact that the ladies have to listen to these clowns because their future is at stake, these  tacky haired nappy clothed weirdos would just be ego tripping themselves.

Yes Tyra hand picked them. Why? I have no clue. These guys have these ladies looking like retards to win a contest. In the end, the ugly woman from the beginning gets made up really pretty for all events and takes the best pictures, and wins. Simple show. Simply rigged for the under dog (lol pun) .

They need to use better models who made bugger impressions than that B class Tyra and remove the out fielder circus clowns and put in people who know what they are doing so real women can win that contest.

Otherwise, the show is a sham.


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