Seth Petruzelli Fluke Win Against Kimbo Slice

6 Oct

Here is the fight

At the end of the fight, the announcer says that Kimbo is fighting the reff. No he was not. Watch closely. If he was then the reff would have been more handsy. Saying this made it seem like Kimbo was more disoriented than he really was. His amazement was that the fight was already over.

The Shot

There is no “Magical Kick” that knocked the wind out of him. What everyone calls a kick, is Seth’s leg and foot in the air trying to put something between him and Kimbo. I don’t care what form of fighting you call that. The annaouncer makes it clear that Seth is a kung fu student. The ground foot is wide open for a stomp and a push down. The punch traveled 6 inches. Unless this is Bruce Lee’s Myth coming true. It did not knock him out. The punch landed on the nose and mouth of Kimbo. Not his left eye. The 6 inch punch happened while Seth was air born and moving backwards. Watch his footing as the punch lands. He had no foot on the ground, and was moving back away from Kimbo. At most that was a 7 lbs limp hit.

Kimbo taking four solid punches twice as hard

Watch the video 39 seconds into it he tells the dude to punch him. I posted that to make the puds who claim glass jaw, STFU!

Kimbo was not knocked out. he was hit the same time he lost footing. the guy hits kimbo on the right side of his face and body about 10 or so time. But kimbos left eye brow is busted. How is this? He fell on the floor. Kimbo did not cover, because the punches did not hurt. It’s that damn simple.

I am sorry to ruin the whole great white hype of the Mixed Martial Arts. But Kimbo is a whole other machine.

If he didn’t throw this match. Then when the rematch comes around and kimbo makes due on his loss. Some of you lil tweaker punks are gonna scurry or become kimbo fans. I am sorry but that was a total fluke fight.

He isn’t there to roll around on the floor with you in your underwear, he is there to break your head. Grappling is a last resort. It has become to much of a common thing. These clowns choke out 7 outa 10 fights now days. How? Well back in the old day they would smash your face if you got close enough, then grapple when they got tired, well a few won that way. So now everyone thinks it’s the way to win… no it’s what you do when you are tired.

If there is no rematch, Kimbo Sold out.


Rematch in Talks


5 Responses to “Seth Petruzelli Fluke Win Against Kimbo Slice”

  1. Jack October 7, 2008 at 5:17 pm #

    Kimbo definitely isn’t done…he’ll be back.

  2. JayRock October 7, 2008 at 11:30 pm #

    Most obvious setup i’ve ever seen. Horrible acting. Thats right, I said acting. It was BS. That is all there is too it. Theres NO WAY Kimbo got dropped that easily.

    Also, EliteXC is garbage. If it wasn’t for Gina, it would have been a waste of a few hours IMO….

  3. tonan October 11, 2008 at 8:48 pm #

    kimbo sucks, he only fights chumps, Seth did the exact same thing to Bob Sapp,
    same kick ,same punch, same face plant to the canvas- Kimbo needs to go back to fighting at bbq’s and keggers, he cant fight real fighters- maybe they can put him against Gina, his chances of victory might be a little better-but not much-
    bye-bye Kimbo- back to u-tube for you

  4. TruXter October 12, 2008 at 4:19 am #

    Funny how all these racists just want to ignore facts, avoid watching or reading anything that points out how the fight was faked. I hope the rematch happens soon enough. So these lil tweakers can sit in silent frustration. what ever, anything to shut these lil dorks up would be nice.

  5. rebel September 3, 2014 at 6:26 pm #

    blah blah blah, i know i sold it out. im here for golden shovel award of the decade. i miss those times back in 2008, yeah

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