Judge Jeanine Pirro

24 Sep

I have never watched this show before this week. Hurricane Ike wiped out allot of companies that depend on electricity. Since the power is out in different locations around Texas, I am sitting at home watching Early daytime TV…

Ok, I have to make this first statement. If you are going to be on a show on Television learn how to speak. Pretty damn simple. I am sure that in your lil section of the neighborhood everyone there speaks like you do, but you are not talking to just your neighborhood. You are talking to an entire country, a whole planet maybe.

So the word “else” does not have a letter “T” in it, the word is not “elts”. After the 5th time you say “uhhh”  you pretty much are seen country wide as an idiot. You may as well be saying “duh,dur,uhh”.

Second, if you are a guy and you are head to head with a female who is pressing charges on you, you are screwed. So ladies if you want to get even with some dude who has forgotten you even exist, Go on the Judge Pirro show, She makes it clear that she does not like men. Watching today there are two women pressing charges on each other, their witnesses are men. Each time the men responded to questions  Pirro asked them, she yelled at them and talked to them like they are idiots, yet she explained to the women how they where wrong. She never once yelled at the women.

I just watched an episode about a mattress and an ex-boyfriend who was shamed for peeing in bed at 26 years old. The plaintiff repeatedly said on national Tv that the sex was good that is why she kept going back. Verdict for the plaintiff half the value of the bed $450.

So ladies if you want to sue some random guy, because you like millions of other people out there live life  law suite after law suite, just pick some random guy and take him to Jeanine Pirro. You will get your money. (this of course is an exaggerated joke, please do not do this it is just a way of explaining there are lots of people on this planet and not everyone is innocent because of gender)

If anyone else notices what I am saying, try and give a description of the episode, or post it’s youtube  video/link here . This really needs to be addressed and not ran from. I am sorry if she had a bad past and has stuff to get even with or what ever the case may be, but she really needs to be fair.


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