Truth about Revver Video

23 Sep Claims to pay out money per view and per advertisement served.

Truth is, the ad at the end of the video is never seen. Or something.

I see like 400 total views of videos and like 10 ads served and 0 ads clicked. in the three years I have been with I have made almost six dollars and fifty cents for my efforts. I have 26 videos there. Sure you can tell me that I need more videos, but come on, 26 videos and only 6 dollars.. that’s not even enough for the effort I spent into my first video, and upload and for all conversion.

Here is a depressing screen shot

That is the total after 3 years. look at the past few months of views.

The first month I made about 5 dollars, since then , it has been petty pennies from time to time. The only thing I have seen worse than revver is Helium.

I just uploaded my Videos from Ike. So far in  20 hours, one video of 10 has made it to “accepted”.



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