6 Sep

Grand Theft Auto Online sometimes is enhanced and more apealing when uyou are in a huge clan of organized  units. This is proven. A Bad clan has no plan. A good clan attacks in huge waves and knows what to do.

Picture this, you are running down the street trying to locate a vehicle when suddenly a bus skids next to you and  20 dudes jump out with shot guns , blasting you and everyone around them. In gtaiv the police couldn’t touch them. You know very well that you yourself can get a good perch and pick off the police for a few hours. so 20.. yeah they can ban together quite nicely.

Well is the new site where everyone is posting their clans and getting the word out about their clan, so more people can join their clans and or go through try outs.

some have made private threads for a “round table” discussion   some just have huge freakin track records. and  huge teams. GTA clans  looks like it might turn out to vbe a very large place. I would suggest that if you have any need to be curious, just make a profile, hit the off topic area  and bs, or hot the spam area and request people in your clan or clans for you to join.

There is even a section for gtaiii and Grand Theft auto Vice City online help.


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