Social job search Networking ????

28 Jul

Looks like it’s new, and hasn’t even launched yet.

looks like a great idea though I have no idea how it will work.  a social employment site.

Create a forum for people to use to post jobs.

and people can reply to those posts if needed.

Main thing is to control the spammers with “work at home” job crap, that sends you emailing 4000000000000 people to only get one response so you earn 25 cents.

So now you can respond to scammers and their posts, basicly flame them out to oblivion.

Call moderator and get the adds removed.. who knows, if you are there long enough looking for a job, you may even make a few friends. I myself am always looking for a better job.

It is made for the career minded people who just do not fit in any catagory in any of the job searches. Like say if you want to be a manager of a gas station, look on monster or career builder and search manager you find head ceo manager of Exxon.  yeah right , you know you aren’t qualified for that. .. hopefully will do this right for the regular people.

Cool feture is, your profile is your resume`. Join now creat your profile and just change it every week.


One Response to “Social job search Networking ????”

  1. segan123 July 29, 2008 at 7:04 pm #

    Interesting… I’ll have to look into this, thanks.

    – Segan

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