Two new clues GTAIV on PC

23 Jul

This isn’t set in stone clues from rockstargames, but the clues I have found

stay within the routine and system of Rockstar game’s  method of clues

See the kids have gotten lazy and so rockstar does not realize they are out there

there used to be hordes and groups of people actually trying to find the nex clue and or how to compile the fricken game themselves.  but from what I see, rockstar games does not see that the kids  need to hear  themn say “HEY STUPID WE PLAY A GAME OF  FIND THE CRAP, BEFORE WE RELEASE TO PC FIRST…… YES…. EVERY TIME”   They make us drool before we get the game. They make us prove we are the smarter of the gaming world.

The game is coming and we can see it in april from what i suspect and see. that puts us right in schedule for what they wanted in the first place, but a year later.  due to the hold of the 360 version and sony argument.

Yes Grand theft Auto  is meant for the pc computer


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