Clown sends goofy threat email

26 Apr

My friend forwarded this funny assed email he received from his girlfriends ex-boyfriend.

The clown made threats of sending a virus to mu buddy. Sad thing is, this guy is big fat baby hewy. One of those guys that walk around calling people “dawg” and other little wanna be gangster crap because they lack anything that is actually intimidating. You know the baby fat guys with meaty foreheads.

here is the email.

——-Original Message——-
From: billy ogg
Date: 4/25/2008 9:17:40 PM
To: cchuko
Subject: whats up

well i told u i would get ur e-mail adreess dont fuck with me if u dont want the drama with me and angel leave her the fuck alone she is my bitch she dont want u she loves me if u dont quit emailing vicky i send so many viruses it will blow ur computer up


My buddy couldn’t get the email from him to add him to spam lists and what ever.So the most I can do is link you to this dumbassed letter and let you laugh at it also.. E-gangster make me laugh.


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