Up To The Minute GTAIV News

25 Apr

I Scroll the web in search of the best news content and latest news content on Grand Theft Auto IV.

and post it on iworkwithtech.com

I will be working with it for as long as I can.

After some time, expect to find a ‘GtaIV for pc’    petition  .

I know no one looks at those, but it would be nice to let everyone know how many people really care and the reports that say no one plays pc games anymore, are false.

So grand theft auto news is  in hopes of a pc version is my goal, meanwhile I will look for  cool stuff. I have found some, so give it a look -P

So If you like it, give me a shout!


One Response to “Up To The Minute GTAIV News”

  1. nahsivanah November 21, 2008 at 12:49 am #

    will there be a gta 5 for the ps3 or for a new coming ps are they going to make a any other gtas like they did on ps2 for example gta sanandreas

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