Live Feed to GTA IV Gameplay

25 Apr

Some dude just farts around with the game. Looks like he has the game and is playing it.

Maybe he’s a beta tester?

Maybe he’s the son of someone big?

Could be a pirate – I do not know – but here is the feed.

But from the rag doll effects and how the assaulted ball up and gets knocked out and how they knock out when falling from short heights, or how the driver’s door flings open during front end impact and the driver squirts out… HOLY CRAP!

Get your PlayStation 3s now, get your Xbox 360 cooled, and I mean way cooled because this game is gonna stress it.

Looks funner than any other GTA I have ever seen. So clear and the city is so huge.

The motorcycle sounded kinda electronic; maybe it was because it was in a flash feed. I dunno.

But man, that guy just crumples when he wrecks – nowhere near the identical flips and rolls from the predecessors.

This game is GTA all over again. Very well done.

I see Jack breaking all laws to try and sue for this


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