How to have a healthy baby

8 Apr

Ok so you and your other are  all over the house trying all different ways to create a baby. Nothing seems to be working, or it just is not happening fast enough. Don’t worry, it is happening as it should.

There are tons of people and stories and legends that tell a woman to stand on her head or roll an egg around on belly while in mid conception. The worst one of all that you can try, is to leave the (for the lack of better words) deposit,,,, inside of you . Some add to the idea by saying rest your bottom on a pillow so that the fluid runs upward to more easily fertilize the egg.  These are all bad ideas or just plain false up front.

Laying a chicken’s egg on your stomach, though it does make you both be very gentle and distract you from what ever stress you have in your head, it does nothing for you. Standing on your head, Kind of goes with the next one, except an extreme myth. Leaving the fluids inside you is not a very wise idea. Remember you are doing that so you can “ensure pregnancy” , Think about it. It is like you are saying that you are willing to get pregnant no matter what. When it comes to male productive fluids, it is survival of the fittest. The fastest, the strongest, the wittiest, the one with the highest level of senses finds it’s way to the egg and gets in, If he does not get in, then you surely do not want the rejects to get in.

You will surely have a baby that was not meant to be, if you lay there and let the tadpole fall onto the egg. You have a ten minute max to allow it to happen, anything after that you really do not want.

Laying around letting the chemicals dry up inside you is not a very clean method to create a baby, you might also want to think of a healthier method for your baby creation.


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