First race last night.

4 Apr

I have had a 420 hp Camaro now for about 7 months

Closest I have come to race this whole time

is a bunch of ricers who want to race through traffic, in the rain.

Well I ran this dude all the way to sixth gear. His firebird was nice. First one I ever heard over my own car.

He got me. We rolled through light in first. I goosed to entice, he gunned it, I pegged it, by then he was in front, I hit second and began burning tires and sliding up next to him while sideways. I went into third while still spinning tires and he pulled away again, I hit fourth and began to pass him we both hit fifth he started to pass me. I hit sixth and was looking him in the eye beside him, he slowly started to pull away, we were doing 145 by then and coming up on a red light.

I gave him a thumbs up. My first race and it was great. this race lasted all of about 12 seconds and was just over a 1/4 mile. I have to say that in the quarter, he got me. In the end he won. He was a better shifter/driver and had better traction.

Man you should have seen the passenger’s face, that dude was horrified.

Now I just need some better tread


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