These gas prices suck!

2 Apr

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We have oil companies Soaking us up.

We pay out every hole in our body to pay $3.5 a gallon because what ever excuse the oil companies can come up with. Meanwhile the oil executives claim major profits. They tell us they are hurting and that any changes in the human favor would cause them a loss.. yeah a loss of what ever they where greedily gaining. Ask the cashiers in the gas stations when the last time was they received a raise. This will make you cry, especially if he tells you how very little he really makes. Even better, go apply for a job in a gas station and see how much they offer you
Why are we accepting these excuses? why is this something we are just shrugging our shoulders about and saying”what can I do?”

The only choice is to buy out shares and make a profit also. but with the gas prices as they are we could only break closely to even. Anything over $1.85 a gallon is stupid .

Sad thing is, the same people who are selling you gasoline at 3.5 a gallon are the same people who sell you tiny bottles of water at $2 a little bottle. It’s your stupid health trends that are killing you. Don’t believe me? next time you buy a bottle of water in a gas station. Your stupid ass will remember this. THEY KNOW HOW MUCH YOU ARE WILLING TO SPEND ON JUST WATER!

30 dollars gets you 8 gallons of gas… enjoy.!

This is as bad as doctors running their buttPirate activities on you ….. BECAUSE, you have to have them.

In reply to what a person asked me in the comments area, I had an idea while I was adding a few lines.

We can all go to gas stations and apply for the job in a gas station, and then all go on two hour breaks every three hours and disable the gas pumps . For one we will go on strike for the prices of the fuel, and we will fight for the littler people who work for them companies and make almost 6 dollars an hour to sell gas at 3.5 a gallon.. and when we get fired, walk to the next gas station and do it again, just don’t use the last one as a reference.! Bring cell phones and record the whole thing. Just remember you are not there to hold a job, you are there to make a point. would be nice if retirees would do this for everyone and make a huge mark! But i wouldn’t mind being a part of this also.

If the cops show up say it was a computer error. To make the matter worse, hit the emergency stop button and cause the fuel to drop into the emergency hatch in the lower tank. This takes a little while longer to recover and causes the fuel industry to pay another person to come out and fix the matter.

added 4/3/8

Gas Protest Meetup

Speak Out!!!

Boycott fuel prices

New Jersey had balls, to bad the idiots did it on April 1st… Not very effective..

I heard On Zrock that a gas truck flipped in the same spot as a milk truck last week, bad intersection?… Or beginning of a movement?

You know, it seems the countries with “balls” would strap explosives to themselves and make a bad person disappear. That is why I question How big of a political pussy this country really is.


7 Responses to “These gas prices suck!”

  1. Cyndi Miller Gold Dust Carriers April 2, 2008 at 5:25 pm #

    Uhmmmm…you have a point. However what do those of us do that bring you the fuel you are paying $3.50 for ?, and those guys that bring you groceries, etc do? To fill our 150 gallon tanks to get the stuff to people. I am so tired of everyone having all these great answers that have no valid points? You are absolutely right in everything you say…so how about a real answer?

    ******editor’s comment***

    I am sorry I do not have a real answer
    other than an over throw.
    I am willing to pay south America for cheaper gas.
    Cuz what’s going on here is unjust!

    ******editor’s comment***

  2. Cyndi Miller Gold Dust Carriers April 2, 2008 at 6:47 pm #

    Very good and thanks for your honest answer…we all just have to work together and find a way out of this mess…overthrow???? seems as good as any answer! thanks for seeing the unjustice we are fighting…and more backs will be against the wall soon. I myself got a 6.00 water filter so I get my water that way…doesnt fill up land fills as fast. Besides I know a the trucker that brought it to me!

  3. Joannie April 2, 2008 at 9:37 pm #

    Just yesterday, I was getting my daily dose of the news online. Top story… the 5 major oil company executives trying to defend their prices to members of Congress. The excuses, their current profits are ‘in line’ with other (correlating) businesses within the industry and with previous years recorded profits. The later obviously admitting they’ve been raping the public with their prices for a long, long time.

    I certainly hope that Congress will NOT accept these excuses as justification for this. I believe the more people that get involved, contacting their respective representatives, that we (the general population) can force them to force the gas companies to lower their projected profit margin.

    On a final note, I find it very interesting that gas companies think they need this excess profit for exploration reasons. What they don’t say is they want to drill in areas of North America that drastically affect the environment & habitats of already endangered animals.

    I want to know WHY this money for exploration isn’t SOLELY being used to develop a REAL solution… using technology that’s been around for a long time that would enable manufacturers to build cars that don’t use resources at all. There are all sorts of patents for such things, but they were bought up & shelved by these oil giants that prefer to steal our hard earned money?! We’ve enabled them to do this and it’s about time we stop it. Really, past time.

  4. Joannie April 2, 2008 at 9:55 pm #

    An additional note left out of the last comment…

    Senators & State Representatives are ELECTED OFFICIALS. It is up to the general population to make them stand up for us, develop and institute changes to facilitate solutions to these types of problems people face.

  5. Robert April 4, 2008 at 3:29 am #

    Oh, yeah, hurt the small business owners who run the gas stations, the ones that make around 5 to 10 cents profit per gallon, a 3rd of 1 percent of the price. That’ll help the “cause”. When you see an ‘Exxon’ sign in front of a gas station, it doesn’t mean it’s owned by Exxon; the owner just has a contract to buy gas from them. You don’t do Exxon a bit of trouble making it hard for them to sell gas there. They’ll simply sell it to other distributors if their branded stores can’t make up the volume.

    Meet supply & demand, baby. There’s a reason not just oil is hitting record prices: there’s also gold, silver, copper, zinc, natural gas, helium, corn, wheat. Two and a half billion people live in rapidly expanding economies in China and India, and are starting to enjoy the middle-class standards of living that America and Europe discovered in the 20th century.

    Oil is especially finite. If we haven’t already hit peak oil, we’re damn close. And that price is going to rapidly expand on the downslope. In a decade, when gasoline is $30 dollars a gallon and no one can afford to own a personal car, you can look back to these days as a kind of Eden. There’s not a damn thing anyone in Congress, or the oil companies, are going to be able to do to keep the prices down.

    Fuel-efficient vehicles will help somewhat in the next few years. Reducing every highway speed limit in the country to 45mph, which is roughly the speed most engines work most efficiently at before air resistance cuts in, would also be a reasonable step. But the era of privately-owned personal motorized transportation is coming to an end. The only question is if we have something in place to ease the pain when it happens.

    Maybe if we started massively investing in infrastructure, public transportation, and dense, livable cities RIGHT NOW, we’d be in good shape when it gets here, but I don’t see any sign of that happening in our dumb-as-shit Congress.

    *******editor comment*******

    Then just sell groceries. refuse to sell gas.
    Won’t hurt the small owners.
    Especially if you’re the not the only
    gas station not selling gas.
    Have you done the math ? .05 x 8000 gallons x 3 grades (reg,plus,super) unless they have diesel also.
    Now the store owner makes a profit on something they have no cash invested in anyway.
    Fuck the small business guy. They are the pieces of shit that
    will work you for 8 years and only bring your pay up to 9 dollars an hour.
    with no insurance no bonus, nothing just a job.
    Meanwhile leeching off of the big corporate and their huge gas prices.
    5-10 cents per gallon is more than the cashier makes behind the counter.
    and neither one has anything invested in the actual gas so don’t
    feed me the bullshit about how the small business guy needs sympathy
    I worked that job for 8 years, I know what’s going on.

    *******editor comment*******

  6. Dave August 23, 2008 at 3:52 am #

    The small business gas stations can not afford not to sell gas these days. When I say small business I am talking of course about the ones who own and operate fewer than 4 or 5 stations.

    In case you are wondering I am a partner in a small non branded gas station in Wisconsin. I know the price of doing business and the costs that have to be made up. We pay for every drop of gas that goes into our tank a few days after it is filled not when the customer eventually buys it. There have been a few times where we have had to take out additional loans to fill the tanks just so that we have gas to sell. Some loans have been in excess of $50,000 all so that there is gas to pump. Granted we will make that price back but only by a few percent, and if a customer runs a credit or check card even that percentage is out to the credit card companies and banks. Sure you may say that doesn’t make much sense but the truth is, very few gas stations make enough money on their fuel at the end of the year to justify it. But if they did not have gas, very few people would even step foot inside the store to buy anything. I know this because when the fuel system changeover and update was done to the pumps our doors were still open but we could not sell gas and our inside sale dropped to almost 10% what they were when people can buy gas. So sorry but not selling gas is not an option.

    Even selling stuff within the store is a balancing act. When gas stations bring in those individual items to sell they pay a premium for it, in fact much of the time the price convenience stores pay for these items is higher than what you would pay retail at a larger store such as Walmart all for the convenience of the small c-store sizes and split cases of items.

    Then there is the costs of running the refrigeration systems so that their is cold soda and milk and frozen pizzas and Ice cream available along with a multitude of other food and drink items. Our electric bill ranges from $1,700.00 a month in the winter months to over $2,500.00 a month in the summer months. This is with energy efficient lighting and the operation of newer refrigeration systems. This doesn’t even count natural gas, telephone, and other utilities which businesses have to pay a premium for.

    Then there are employee costs. Keep in mind that for every employee that we have working 35+ hours a week making $8-9 an hour it is costing us $15-18 an hour due to workman’s compensation, disability, unemployment, and any other benefits that a business is required to pay by law to have that employee.

    So in short we have to make up all the expenses and still turn a profit to keep the doors open while trying to keep margins and prices low enough that people will come into our store.

    I am not asking for sympathy, as I like serving the people and fulfilling a role in society, all I am asking is for everyone to do your homework and understand that the end guy selling a product is not making a killing on anything unless they own and operate the entire system from production to consumer sale and even then there are people working to be payed at every step of the chain.

    Something truly does need to be done about our nations energy crisis as its only going to get worse. Its not going to change overnight but hopefully an answer is in the near future. Everyone here can take part, call your congress representative let them know how you feel and what you think they should be doing to help change things for the better. I.E. better more efficient vehicles, new technology, expansion of railways and shipping infrastructure, the time of change is now before the crisis does hit its peak. Invest in new technologies once they are available and proven I.E. more efficient vehicles, renewable fuels, ect. Finally evaluate every part of your life and how you choose to use energy not just at the gas tank. Chances are you can do a lot to help reduce your current consumption of energy. If we all do our part much can be accomplished.


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