Bill Golberg

2 Feb

Will the day come that Bill Goldberg gets a contract like the first contract he had with WcW ?

I mean the contract where the general manager hires him to wipe out all the people who irritate him? Will Bill goldberg be contracted to take down Batista? Will we hear him say his deadly chilling phrase of ” I was hired to do one thing, and one thing only” and then to follow it up with a finally statement “YOUR NEXT!” .

Or will he stay acting like he is older than dirt and slowly slip into anonymity and become a regular guy like me? (well a lil bit bigger).

Are we ever going to see the jackhammer ? Can he just do a one month visit to fill a contract and then go back into hiding as he has been doing?

Will he ever get hired by McMahon To side with Steve Austin,Hogan,Macho Man and break the spirits of all the jack asses in W.W.E. with a one month surprise rampage? Just to show everyone that McMahon is still in charge?

We wait for this day.

Will it ever come?

Tell Goldberg

Tell WWE


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