Web traffic Triumph

24 Jan

I have been working on ways to get people to my site, I have done tons of things from content and tags. Meta title and so on.

well I found that if I tag just the stuff on the first in my index page, I really do not cover everything that my site is about. The first page covers my whole site so why not put everything my site is about right in the meta tags?

Well after tons of tagging of the index page and then going to all 1500 pages and tagging them over 5 hours, I saw an increas to my traffic. Then I realized “Man my site looks plain Jane” So I went in and took on some css. I removed all flash from my site and well, I am working on converting all pages to css in the same format/style as the index. I have noticed my traffic jump to four times what it used to be. I will see what happens after I adjust the rest of the pages to the same as the index, or similar.

It seems that along with good meta and title tags, you really do have to have the bubble looking pages these day. So that is where I will go now and see what it evolves to.




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