Online flash Video games

18 Jan

I created a page to fill up with games . The idea was so I could have something else going to keep my brain from from slouching while I am at work waiting on the server to get fixed,or blue print to print or just stuff to do on days when I bring my lunch.


Well one of the ladies at my job walked up while the game was open (but I wasn’t playing at that exact time). She asked me what it was and I explained that it was one of like 5 games I uploaded to a hidden section on my own website. After like 3 days, another one of the ladies from my job walks up and says “hey is that all the games you have on your site?”.. I didn’t know how to answer. I mean if I said “nah I plan to upload a buttload and waste my time on the clock playing stupid games all day. So I paused for a second and said ” well I was thinking of putting up new stuff every now and again, but not a whole bunch of stuff” she said to me ” can you get like a bingo or a tic-tac-toe game?” I busted out laughing.. I mean it really.. Doctor pepper shot out of my nose. Well I started uploading a game here and there and different people came up telling me what was lame and what they want… I was like “dude get your own fricken server” but then I realized that I now have a hobby when I am home…. making this stuff work.

After a bunch of complaints I removed alot of the games and just kept the ones everyone liked.

Well if you have a request or know of a site that I can get more games from,,, help me out, the natives are getting restless. lol


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