Blogging Plus adsense is good

28 Oct

I started writing for lockergnome. and did not notice the adsense set up. after I wrote like 20 posts I found the adsense set up. and instantly within ten minutes I made 8 cents. This is on the third day,by the third day I was no longer the new guy and I was no longer interesting, so if I could have set that up on the first day I probably would have raked in a whole lot more. but what the hell , all is good.
I enjoy the blogging site, It seems teh main focus there is tech and tech only, but not so strict as finding tech news right off the bat… Good because if you have twenty thousand people blogging about the same shit all day every day, then you have twenty thousand blogs that look the same and talk about the same shit.
well lockergnome is owned by chris pirillo from the show “call for help” back when it was in the united states on tech tv, it would normally be followed by the screen savers with Leo laporte and Patrick Norton and sara lane and kevin rose and his side kick dan. I got into the shows by watching robot wars at night and woke one morning with the tv still on the same channel started chatting in a chatroom on msn when I realized “hey this is techy stuff…. on tv.. oh cool” I was addicted.
well chris may pop into your blog some time and scream at you for being a weeny or having bad content so be cool with it… enjoy

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One Response to “Blogging Plus adsense is good”

  1. dilz October 30, 2007 at 6:09 am #

    hey i could sign up with the adsense. thnks for that, r there any legal issues with that? kindly help

    —editor’s comment—
    For starts you have to expect to do some tax work for income, but it’s kinda worth it man. hell it’s not like you make money on it only one time. that story you post will be on the net for a long time, or until you delete it. If you type clear and tell a really good story and target people’s interests then your link might get passed around. That is of course if your link is useful. I have written many stories, and a few have been taken in pretty well, some have not even been noticed, but it isn’t so much hit and miss, as just making sure you write something every single day and have good stories.
    adsense is great for traffic. I mean why not? you are writing stuff anyway, least you can do is make cash at it … right?.

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