Locker Gnome Blogging

26 Oct

Currently blogging at lockergnome

They have allowed me to use my adsense account on there.To see what happens I am going to have to stop woring on this blog for a short time to test spin it. Probably going to post here every now and again like once twice maybe three times a week. I will be focussing all my traffic getting posts to the other location on lockergnome . Mainly because I just want to see what kind of revenue it generates and what I can do to influence it to increase. The idea is to see what I can do for traffic and what traffic can do for me.

Plus the free easy money just farting around is a great influence there.

I will be trying to work on my apearance and style while there. But I still refuse to read anyone else’s blog, I want my content and works to be all mine and nothing brought in by others. i will use my book,novel and story writing skills and documentary tactics. I will be working alone on this project and all people who have writing with or for me, will be on their own projects. . So the whole “stumble fuck” art of the old ways will not be found there on the new blogging location.
Please go to and check it out, maybe creat your own account.. if you have adsense and all that crap..

Please watch me grow.

My work is here



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