home made video game

18 Oct

One of the members from the grand theft auto forums has begun creating a game to tide us over till gtaIV comes out.

Here is a screen shot and discription

I think he did a good job this far. but he needs more streets and more people. even if he isn’t ready to chunk down new buildings, just the streets and the people would be pretty nice to see. Maybe more graffiti on some of the buildings that are already existing. More music to rotate through in the cheat code would be nice, more stuff on mars and more in the sewer or another sewer would be cool.slow down the peds and increase their paths.

Possibly the implementation of of greg leedberg’s udlp To Link it up and play a buddy. or a full blown online world kinda like runescape or something. .a nice head to head battle would be fun 🙂

If anyone can help in this message him I am sure he will take all the help offered if you can do the stuff, I am pretty sure it will be free… maybe he can rename the game to gtaforum-users online. or some crap

I would love to see it converted for flash within a browser.

My work is here


One Response to “home made video game”

  1. elvin May 20, 2009 at 8:06 pm #

    what kind of cd’s do you need to burn the game? how do you convert it to ps2 playable? do you need a special burning program? many other questions.

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