Family guy on all channels

24 Sep

I swear, it seems no matter what channel I change the tv to, it’s fricken family guy.

I am an adult and I have been through the simpsons phase the beavis and butthead phase and southpark phase.

I am sick of cartoons with shock value humor. The show was canceled for a reason . but the 2ooo-20000 thousand that want it on television seem to throw tantrums and get that piece of crap on, nick at night , tbs, cwb I swear the stupid show is on all damn day. It’s almost as bad as how friends and sex and the city and will and grace used to be. I swear those three crippled the i.q. of millions by hogging tv and leaving you nothing to chose and or select from…. kinda funny how all three had the same finale`, one got married, one had a baby, one was gonna go to paris and decided not to… subliminal paterns? lol..

please people grow an i.q. and watch something else…. quit recycling stupid shit!


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