TruXter Tool Bar

15 Sep

TruXter Tool Bar

I have personally installed it myself and I do use the tool bar . It is safe and quite usefull, you can customize it yourself by adding “gadgets” and tweakingf your feed reader.

I think it is neat and it sure seems clean, I reduced all of the addon crap that comes with toolbars and just made shortcuts to stuff I like and added a media player. Any radio station suggestions will be conncidered, if that station has a live stream, then yes I will add it also.
The Tool Bar..

The gadgets are pretty cool, even on linux they work great. The wiki gadget is usefull, and the rss feed reader gadget, that was pretty damn cool seeing shortcuts to my feeds just floating there.

Yes you can completely customize yours… Completely! If anyone builds one themselves and I install it and like it, I will post it on my blog and on my front page of my tech section on y website if wanted.. unless you build your own for private reasons… but why the hell not share?

oh and if anyone needs pownce invites , I still have mine. and I dunno if joost is still invite only, but I can invite if you need it.

looky it’s got gadgets 🙂
screen shot of selections after install


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