Revamped my site

14 Sep

I fixed my start page so you can actually read the links.. I whent with a simple black and white  page.

I will be revering the solors pretty soon though. i want white text on black back. but for right now, this will do.

the  Home page was a little clumped.

I am going to work on content and other crap on that page and chunk all the links to the left. I am kinda comfortable like that .

the whole template and css thing I tried out. ruined a whole lot for me and killed my google capabilities. plus it was hard as hell to get my links in order unless i did every single page i have . just like that … right now I have jack squat for focus and well over 100 pages… not gonna happen.

Hopefully you like what I have, it’s a logical stand on web 1.0 😛


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