Tattoos are for other people to see

10 Sep

Ok douche bags, I can’t give half a shit what gay assed story you cook up for that piece of shit ink blot you have on your arm.. sure you did it to remember you granny.. or to remember getting over some traumatic part of your life to remember some exciting day…

Dude no one believes your shit.

It is an image you painted on your skin so it is the first thing people see when they look at you. what ever you tell people now is some stupid half assed story you have made up to convince other people and yourself that you had a justifiable reason for making yourself look like shit.

Ok so you got a tattoo next to your cootch, who does that impress?.. well let’s start with the tattoo dude. pretty much after that.. no one. not even you. you put it where you yourself can’t even see it. you can forget it is even there. but it is like a little prize when the stranger pulls your shit down and finds a tattoo of a fucking heart.. ok, so you are saying you keep your heart in your pants? the way to your heart is through your pants? what the fuck kind of message are your trying to send other than ” I am a slut and only selected few can see this” If you got it to impress or turn on one person other than yourself, you are a fucking idiot.

guys with the arm band tattoos, be it the wrap around shit that looks like the ultimate warrior or what ever, why didn’t you just get a tattoo of muscles on your arm or have the words “I have muscles but you can’t see them normally so I will draw in a reason to get you to look ” on your fucking arm… come on man.

Ghetto chicks with their name tattooed on their chest, yeah you all do it, you ain’t the first. is it because you know that you date some trashy assed dudes and know that soon you will probably be found dead somewhere beaten to death and your body and face will be so unidentifiable that your tattoo of your name will be all there is to identify ? or is it so the 10000000000000 retards you fuck have a name tag on your chest and know what name to call you when they are fucking you? “hi my name is demarkus” and you reply with ” you will know my name in a minute”… whore.

Phil from pantera got a tattoo that said “unscarred”… um ok then I guess he got that tattoo for nothing? I mean really why in the fuck would your scar yourself to tell people you are not scarred by the trial in which he has gone through? it makes no fucking sense.
it used to be rare and unique to find someone with tattoos or piercings of the belly button, or nose or tounge, now it’s like a right of passage. What I would give to find someone unscarred. Some one free of hang ups or unforgetable pasts.. someone who has not had to feel they had to prove something to people.

Neck tattoos rock, they tell everyone just before you walk up to them exactly what they are about to deal with… a fucking moron.Kind of like

That Tattoo you got that says “Krokus” was such a great idea and you will love it forever and it will never lose it’s meaning, even when you are 90 and a preacher in an old folk’s home.

in the 90s I met the person that let know that tattoos where not the smartest thing in the world, changed my mind from ever wanting one and opened my eyes on how I just might regret something stupid. In bold font from chin to chest all the way around his neck he had the words “Punk Bitch” all the way around…and he was working the register at a gas station, he was soon fired because people brought their kids in and they bothered by the vulgarity on that dumbasses neck.. then just a week ago, at the little ceasars in spring area, some dumbasses had something on his neck writtin as if he did it himself while drunk or on acid and staring in a mirror it said something like “PunX” … nah, he won’t regret that.

Soon it will be like  a line out of a jeff foxworthy  skit,the stupid people will be stamped and labeled with markings to let you know what kind of idiot they are . and soon it will be the society of the unmarked and fresh clean people who had nothing to prove who will know… the others will be too fucking stupid to understand.

I bet if someone convinced you it would make you look tough if you cut off a finger or a hand, you would do it, then later tell people you did it to prove shit to yourself… then and only then can it become a profitable trend , when that happens, we will come 0ut of the woodworks to sell mechanical body parts with designer labels.. then all you dumbasses and your stupid fucking kids will start lobbing body parts off to get in on the bandwagon. hyper strong,extra nimble, what ever body part you think you want…

lol social circles are stupid.


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