9 Sep

Not the bars or taverns that you find a bunch of tool assed dudes in.

That’s not what this is, not a tool bar that porn storms you.

But I actually have a decent toolbar that I created just fo me with links to all the fun and or crazy crap I connect to , from video game sites to car Parts sites to Torrent searcher sites. all kinds of crap that I use on a regular basis . I built my own home page with search engine and everything. It all is really simplified for me. some of you might be “tool asses” and not know how anything works in it.Cool, then it is not for you. but I love the damn thing. I love the pop up blocker, I love how it Simplifies teh whole damn bookmarks/favorites even more simple than it already is. It has a feed catcher also.

now I myself like a thin browser, I hate seeing a bunch of shit all at the top of the page . But this one looks slick as wet shit. with aradio added mind you. If you want one of your own for your browser for your own shit.. install mine give it a go first and see what you think. then come backhere and leave a comment I will walk you through on how to build it yourself.. Or I might even make you your own custom just for kicks to kill time.. your tool bar can say what ever you want, from “I love my pet cheeta” to “pull my finger” what ever you want.

I use it on my linux machine on FireFox It looks damn good.

Well you guys I love the traffic you have been giving me and I totally enjoy blogging for you guys. So I give this to you , gimme some imput and let me know what you think. If ya hate it, uninstall it and come back and cuss me out, I will fix what ever error you found and link you to the update. but here is TruXter’s I Work With People toolbar


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