Declaration of insignificance

8 Sep

It bothers me to know that the same people who have our children battling a bloodbath on the other side of the world would just as easily (as sending someone else to fight) Hand our entire country over to the very same enemy to prevent public humiliation, or even worse, a lawsuite.

I swear if you wanted to take over the united states you would easily have to attack from three easy angles.

1. battle/war

2. accuse of not being politically correct (a distraction that can be used as a vice later… like in court)

3. Threaten a really good lawsuit.

Like chess you would have to predict every move before it is made, you would have to set up the united states and then simply lure the leaders in to a point where it is left or right direction, left direction means bad guy wins battle, right direction means bad guy can press charges.. With millions of wittnesses.

In the old days the united states was proud to say “I aint falling for that crap, quit your crying and die with dignity” because the people of the old days/ways thought/knew they where doing some good. but now ….. good intentions are useless, there is a whole lot more going on in war than just fighting. the whole time you have people dying to prevent us from dying here, we have a hand full of media outlets who realized it is easier and better to go for the hippies and bleeding hearts. Now only the bleeding hearts get heard, and the few people who are for the actual protection of this country , who’s voice actually gets heard, it’s one fricken line “turn it into lake iraq” and then the quote is followed with a redneck joke.

So now everyone who hears this quote is feeling ashamed because “i dun wanna sound like a redneck” .. well

as the media has so willing done, they laid the ground for #2 in the list, while #1 is going on, if #3 pops up, we are screwed and people died for nothing.

just as that leader in Idaho was asked to step down, because of sex…….???? (Sorry I do not get how you can take a leader down because of sex, or sexual prefferance, or any accusation from nobodies who might just be after the attention,,, life has trolls just like the internet!) , With the right threat, that leader was toppled. In the gayest way I might say..

I don’t know man… The united states has two weak spots.. Freedom, and us.

This was my 911 rant in remembrance for the people who died just being at work,getting donut, looking at that funny hair on the back of their hand, sitting on the john while hiding from the boss,sleeping in their cubicle,washing the glass,making a cup of coffee,middle of having all plans finally come together,talking on the phone begging wife to finally put out.

The regular people in the middle of a regular day who DIED by the thousands…you know… the people you are sick of hearing about… you know the reason you want the war to end ( fuckin got me on how that comes together in your tiny fucking head)..


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